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Why switch to ADP payroll?

Every year, thousands of small businesses leave payroll providers like Paychex, Intuit, Gusto and many others for ADP. Why? It’s simple: ADP offers the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive payroll service you can buy.

RUN Powered by ADP® delivers more for your money – and 24/7 service

When you’re considering a switch, ask yourself: what am I really paying for? With ADP you get:

  • help with compliance challenges
  • a simple set up
  • a hassle-free process for running payroll
  • quick, easy, and affordable service
  • a built-in Return to Workplace Dashboard

We also offer comprehensive HR services as you grow, 24/7 support whenever you need it (unlike some of our competitors whose “dedicated reps” only work during business hours) and a COVID-19 toolkit that includes legislative updates, financial guidance and return to work resources. When you add it all up, nobody delivers more than ADP.

New features to help you return to work safely

For more than 70 years, ADP has been helping businesses overcome challenges and today is no exception. Our new Return to Workplace Health Survey, Scheduling and Monitoring solutions, now available within RUN Powered by ADP, help small businesses like yours safely get back to business and stay in business. These features allow you to initiate contact tracing and monitor employee wellness and readiness to work so both you and your team members can move forward with clarity.

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Payroll that’s quick and easy

Getting the basics right really matters, especially when you have no time for mistakes. ADP is an entire company built on the promise of helping you get payroll right, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Unlike many of our competitors, who only dabble in payroll, we’ve done it all:

  • Compliance. Get help complying with regulations with ADP’s labor law poster compliance update service
  • Garnishment Payment Services. Effectively managing your wage garnishment processing
  • Tax Filing. We calculate, file, deposit and reconcile your payroll taxes
  • Hiring. Get help finding the right candidates with ZipRecruiter® - now included with RUN Powered by ADP
  • Return to Workplace Dashboards. Monitor employee availability based on results from health attestation and work sentiment surveys
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Reports. Access payroll data to help calculate your PPP loan forgiveness amount

Help with your compliance challenges

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected fine for a payroll mistake. And that’s tough to avoid, with constantly changing rules and COVID-19 legislation. Unlike many of our competitors who only design software, ADP has feet on the ground in Washington, D.C., and a presence in all 50 states. When local and national rules affecting payroll, leave of absence or workplace protocols change, we can help you stay ahead of them.

Easy set-up led by real-live experts

If you’re considering switching, consider this: we’ve helped thousands of companies switch from other payroll providers and CPAs. The process is simple, straight-forward, and fast. More importantly, unlike many of our competitors who only offer message boards and some blog posts, with ADP you get real live people to walk you through the process every step of the way, answer questions, and make things easy.

Top FAQs about switching

How much time will the transition take?

How quickly you switch to your new provider depends on your company’s priorities, the services you’re using and how quickly you can access the required data. With ADP, some customers can be up and running within 2 days, while others choose to make the transition over a period of weeks. Services beyond payroll may take longer to set up. Regardless, a well-done transition should never disrupt your payroll process.

Does it matter what time of year I start?

Though some people prefer to wait for the start of a new quarter, or even a new year, before switching over to a new payroll service provider, ADP can support your move at any time. Any high-quality provider should be able to give you a clear list of forms and information you’ll need to make a smooth transition.

How much time should I expect to spend on payroll with a service provider?

If you’re doing payroll manually now, you should expect to significantly reduce the amount of time you’re devoting to the process. How much depends on which services you choose. Do you want help tracking time and attendance? Assistance with background checks or employment verifications? Check signing and stuffing? An ADP representative can explain your options and help you choose the package that best fits your business.

How much does all this cost?

Different payroll providers offer different pricing structures, but certain factors — how frequently you run payroll, how many people you’re paying, how often you add or remove payees, which services you need — will influence the cost. ADP will work with you to determine the right payroll set-up for your business, no matter how simple or complex your needs are.

What if I need help, especially before or after business hours?

When you hit a snag with payroll, you can’t wait days for someone to get back to you with the right answer. RUN Powered by ADP® offers direct access to certified, experienced payroll professionals available 24/7. Clients can also email questions to the Payroll Center at any time.

How do you pay employees when a disaster strikes?

ADP products are in the cloud, which provides the ability to run payroll from anywhere, and allows our clients to pay their employees, regardless of what’s going on locally. Through additional services, ADP can help you manage leave during and after a disaster and advise you on benefits, policies and programs to help your employees recover.*

What are the different employee payment options?

From physical checks to direct deposit, when it comes to distributing wages, today’s employers have more — and smarter — choices than ever before. Talk to an ADP representative to see which one is the best fit for your business and employees.

Switch to RUN Powered by ADP for easy payroll and 24/7 service.


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