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ADP Customer Service and Support

To reach ADP customer service call 1-844-227-5237.

Employee of a company that uses ADP — press "1"

Administrator calling on behalf of your company for payroll, benefits or HR support — press "2"

Looking for additional support? Visit our Employee Support and Administrator Support for more information.

ADP Sales

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Call 800-225-5237

Frequently Asked Help & Support Questions

For employees

Employees of companies that use ADP to pay them

I want to activate my ALINE Card.

I need to find my Form W-2 & 1099.

There is an error or issue with my Form W-2.

I need to find my ADP paystub or paycheck.

I'm having trouble logging in.

I've been locked out of my ADP account.

I want to change my direct deposit information.

Still looking for help? Visit our Employee Support page.

Employee Support

For payroll & HR administrators

ADP clients and payroll, benefits and HR administrators

Employee password reset instructions

Form W-2 & 1099 access or errors

Small Business Client Support and contact information

Login and support for ADP products

Still looking for help? Visit our Client Administrator Support page.

Administrator Support

You can also submit a Customer Support Request and we'll get back to you.

Support for ADP Partners

ADP partners with:

Accounting Professionals

Brokers / Insurance Alliance

Financial Advisors

And more...

Support for Partners

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