ADP SmartCompliance® the intelligent solution for HCM compliance

From ACA compliance and wage garnishments to employment tax, wage payments and beyond, ADP SmartCompliance helps you stay ahead of post-payroll compliance obligations.

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ADP SmartCompliance desktop dashboard and mobile app

All your HCM compliance needs, one seamless platform

ADP SmartCompliance is a comprehensive and customizable suite of technology and services that helps you reduce the heavy complexity, risk and burden of human capital management (HCM) compliance activities — regardless of the payroll, benefits, HR or ERP systems you use.

Always compliance-ready with ADP

ADP gives you the tools, knowledge and service you need to stay compliance-ready. That, plus intelligent technology, proven expertise, and dedicated support, means you get the confidence to meet your compliance needs head-on.

Award-winning compliance tech that works the way you do

Agile and flexible, ADP SmartCompliance aggregates your disparate data, automates tasks and gives you clear visibility into your company’s compliance status.

  • Platform agnostic and easily integrates with most ERP and payroll systems, including ADP
  • Marketplace APIs and the SmartConnect™ platform
  • All-in-one compliance with real-time visibility into your compliance activity
  • Automated monitoring flags potential compliance errors before they cost you
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Our experience is your compliance advantage

Take a truly proactive approach to compliance with ADP. Our network of experts monitors federal, state, and local regulatory requirements across 11,000 jurisdictions to help you manage complex HR, tax, and compliance requirements.

  • A team of experts helps resolve your issues quickly; each account manager averages 8+ years with ADP
  • Proactive visibility into shifting compliance, thanks to longstanding relationships with federal and state regulatory agencies
  • More than 75 years of HCM expertise and innovation
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Over 1,000 compliance experts working for you

You don’t have to tackle HCM compliance on your own. When you work with ADP, you get a team of experts to help you reduce your administrative burden, minimize risk and stay ahead of your post-payroll compliance obligations.

  • More than 1,000 ADP associates are focused on evolving compliance legislation
  • End-to-end service with unlimited and responsive support across all compliance categories
  • Proactive penalty avoidance approach means we help you minimize your risk exposure
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