ADP® Comprehensive Services: Payroll & HR support that delivers impactful results

Your HR needs are extensive and evolving — lean on our people, processes and technology to provide support and expertise when and where you need it.

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Proactive HR support that enhances the work you’re already doing

With ADP Comprehensive Services, you have the flexibility to choose where we can support your payroll and HR teams in four major areas — helping you through our experienced professionals, enhanced processes, and top tech and tools.

three features of ADP Comprehensive HR: Job Descriptions, Compensation Analysis, Compliance Tools

HR outsourcing with always-on guidance and tools

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Introducing ADP Comprehensive HR

Navigate HR challenges with ongoing guidance and day-to-day support

Stay in front of HR and compliance challenges with proactive guidance from committed HR professionals. Here's what sets our HR offering apart:

  • People & Processes — Get consultative, hands-on HR professionals with vast knowledge, who understand your business and align to your objectives
  • Tech — Unlock HR technology potential and gain new perspectives with a unified HR system of record, self-service tools, onboarding, easy reporting, compliance tools, an HR resources library and more
  • Tools — Make informed decisions and improve the employee experience through learning and development, compensation benchmarking, HR best practices, training, compliance resources, and employee surveys and communications
three features of ADP Comprehensive Pay: Payroll Administration, Tax and Compliance, Audits and Reconciliation

Managed payroll processes that provide peace of mind

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Introducing ADP Comprehensive Pay

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll

Our payroll professionals help you build processes that meet your unique needs — no matter how complex — and help you stay on top of regulatory changes.

  • People & Processes — A payroll team takes on most of your administration and processing, quarterly and year-end processing and reporting requirements, full-service garnishments, tax filing and reporting, regulatory guidance and much more
  • Tech — Payroll dashboards with real-time information, tax filing and reporting, automated error checkpoints, time and attendance tracking, and best practice recommendations
  • Tools —  Give employees easy access to online pay statements, total compensation statements and Form W-2s
three features of ADP Comprehensive Benefits: Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment, Invoice Administration

Make benefits administration simple and worry-free

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Introducing ADP Comprehensive Benefits

Alleviate benefits administration burden and reduce compliance worries

Our specialists help handle most aspects of benefits administration, including ACA filing, vendor invoice reconciliation, plan configurations, open enrollment support and more.

  • People & Processes — Committed Benefits Administration Pros help you with carrier connections and eligibility reporting, carrier invoice communications, open enrollment support and reporting, ACA filings, rejections, and/or penalty letters, healthcare reform compliance consultation, COBRA event triggers and administration
  • Tech — Benefits administration technology, online annual enrollment including life events and new hires, open enrollment tracking, ACA compliance dashboard and more
  • Tools —  Dependent and beneficiary tracking, open enrollment employee communications, benefits decision support, and retail, restaurant, travel and entertainment discounts and perks for employees
three features of ADP Comprehensive Talent: Recruitment, Compensation Analysis, performance, Employee Performance

A better way to improve the employee lifecycle

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Introducing ADP Comprehensive Talent

Elevate your talent strategy with expertise, best practices and data-driven insights

Improve your talent strategy to better support the success of your organization, from attracting to engaging and retaining talent, with the help of highly specialized talent professionals, processes and talent technology.

  • People & Processes — Partner with a Talent Consultant who will help you build strategies from hire to retire, guiding you through all aspects of the employee lifecycle, including planning, implementation and optimization
  • Tech — Recruitment and performance dashboards, compensation management, recruitment embedded intelligence, enhanced insights and benchmarking, and integration with popular job boards
  • Tools — Succession planning, premium learning and development library, leadership training, job descriptions and more

A team of committed professionals ready to help

The role of HR has changed — you’re probably more in demand than ever before. Our professionals offer support designed around your unique needs, working to optimize your processes and ease your HR worries.

  • Our team will get to know the ins and outs of your business, understanding exactly what you need and where you have HR gaps
  • Strategic partners provide ongoing, day-to-day support
  • Specialists’ areas of focus range from Payroll, HR, Tax and Talent to Benefits, Open Enrollment and Risk & Safety
  • Phone support guidance and answers to everyday questions — available to both employees and managers
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See why businesses like yours love ADP Comprehensive Services

A truly scalable HR and payroll solution for all business sizes

Our solutions are built for small businesses and large enterprise with thousands of employees. 
No matter your size, we offer the expertise, support and technology you’re looking for to meet your specific needs.

25–149 Employees

Small Businesses

Remove the guesswork from HR and payroll and put your focus on growing your business.

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150–999 Employees

Midsized Companies

Get HR and payroll expertise, guidance and tools to confidently manage an expanding workforce.

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1,000+ Employees

Large Enterprises

Streamline your payroll processes, and gain compliance peace of mind and business continuity wherever you do business.

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HR outsourcing for small businesses

Get the HR and payroll support you need to grow with confidence

Small business owners don't need all the bells and whistles — just an easy-to-use solution that saves them time. Our experienced professionals take work off your plate so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Take the guesswork out of HR and people management
  • Stay ahead of compliance concerns
  • Receive all-in-one payroll and tax support
  • Get benefits admin work handled for you
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How we support small businesses

Human Resources

Rely on our HR experts to handle your HR processes, saving you time and helping keep you compliant.

Payroll & Tax Administration

Reduce the risk of costly oversights with payroll and tax support from ADP’s experienced payroll teams.

Benefits Administration

Alleviate your time-consuming administrative burden, get Open Enrollment done right and reduce compliance worries.

Elevated managed payroll and HR solutions for midsized companies

Scalable HR solutions that adapt to your changing needs

Our HR and payroll solutions bolster your growing organization through expertise, guidance, tools and resources that streamline processes and increase efficiencies.

  • Gain strategic insights to build a best-in-class people strategy
  • Keep up with local, state and federal compliance regulations
  • Hand off time-consuming administration work
  • Deliver a leading employee experience
sample of ADP dashboard accompanied by message: compensation benchmarking

How we support midsized companies

Payroll & Tax Administration

Partner with a payroll provider with the expertise and processes to help you save time, reduce compliance worries and gain peace of mind.

Talent Management

Build and optimize your talent strategy — from hiring to retention — with the help of a specialized Talent Consultant.

Human Resources

Get expertise, guidance and tools to increase employee engagement and manage your workforce across multiple states.

Benefits Administration

Offload tedious administrative tasks, reduce errors and improve the Open Enrollment experience for everyone.

Managed services for large enterprises

The scalability you need to ensure business continuity

Decentralization can be a costly aspect of any large organization. With managed payroll and HR you can integrate your systems, streamline processes and drive productivity.

  • Lower compliance risks with processes that proactively catch payroll errors
  • Get real-time, data-driven insights to make informed decisions faster
  • Streamline and automate tasks to improve efficiency and drive digital transformation in your organization
  • Keep your business moving forward in the event the unpredictable occurs
  • Reduce time spent managing benefits programs — and improve the benefits experience for employees
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How we support large enterprises

Payroll & Tax Administration

Ensure business continuity across multiple systems and locations with experts who manage complex processes and help keep you compliant.

Benefits Administration

Take the guesswork out of benefits administration with our help while simplifying the benefits experience for everyone in your organization.

Human Resources

Access an HR consultative partner to help you navigate the world of work — and the challenges that come with thousands of employees.

Resources and insights

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