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ADP® Comprehensive Services

Discover how powerful technology and dedicated HR, benefits and payroll specialists can put you in the HR driver’s seat.

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Outsource HR tasks. Be more strategic.

While your in-house HR team is working as hard as they can, they can’t always keep up. And busywork can keep you from focusing on the big picture.

With ADP Comprehensive Services, you get outsourced execution centered around strategic guidance. Choose one, some or all areas of managed services across HR, talent, benefits administration and payroll, and our HR specialists will work with you on your processes, goals and opportunities — so you can redefine human resources to work harder for your company.

ADP® Comprehensive Services Product Overview

Discover best practices and process efficiencies — and get support where you need it most.

ADP Comprehensive Services features and benefits

Attract, engage and retain talent

In the war for talent, it helps to have ADP by your side. Gain access to an ADP HR specialist who delivers best practices, compliance guidance, tools and resources for:

  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Retention, learning, leadership training and succession
  • Employee engagement
  • Pay and compensation benchmarking
  • Performance management

It costs employers 33 percent of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves.

Source: Work Institute, 2017 Retention Report

Hand over benefits administration and open enrollment to us

Benefits are more important than ever to employees, and can help you attract and keep the best talent. When you choose this managed service of ADP Comprehensive Services, you gain a benefits specialist dedicated to your account who handles:

  • Day-to-day benefits administration
  • Carrier connections and eligibility reporting
  • Open enrollment administration
  • New hire and life event enrollments
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • COBRA administration

We can also help your company stay compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

Forty percent of companies were hit with unintended expenses in 2016 as a result of non-compliance with government regulations.

Source: ADP Research Institute (2017)

Outsource payroll administration and help reduce compliance risk

Stay up-to-date with the rapid pace of legislative and regulatory changes as well as complex tax regulations. With nearly 70 years of payroll processing experience, we’ll supplement your staff with a dedicated payroll specialist when you choose this managed service of ADP Comprehensive Services. You’ll receive help with:

  • Managed time and attendance
  • State and federal tax and regulatory changes
  • Proactive guidance and administration of quarter- and year-end processing and reporting requirements
  • Full-service wage garnishments
  • Business process transformation through documented pay processes and industry best practices
  • Employee and manager payroll inquiries

Only 46 percent of midsized business owners say they’re confident their organization is compliant with payroll tax laws and regulations, down from 57 percent just four years ago.

Source: 2016 ADP Midsized Business Owner Study

Comprehensive Solutions is rated as a top outsourcing solution by Capterra.

As of 7/9/19

Get support and insights where you need it

We offer specialists to assist you with talent, benefits, payroll and compliance. And no matter what you choose to outsource through ADP Comprehensive Services, you can rely on a dedicated relationship manager — an experienced professional who can help you deliver ROI and efficiencies exactly where you need them. Your relationship manager will:

  • Understand your organization’s needs and goals
  • Refine your HCM strategy
  • Identify opportunities for action and help you deploy a plan
  • Refer ADP resources to you
  • Share insights to help you evolve your business

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Join the growing community of businesses leveraging ADP’s powerful technology, expertise and insights.

The Treatment Center 50-999 Employees Health Care Lake Worth, FL

Willdan Group, Inc. 50-999 Employees Professional and Technical Services Anaheim, CA

Stillwater Insurance Group 50-999 Employees Insurance Jacksonville, FL

American Campus Communities 1,000+ Employees Real Estate Service Austin, TX

Pinnacle Agriculture 1,000+ Employees Wholesale Loveland, CO

Primetals Technologies 1,000+ Employees Wholesale Worldwide (Alpharetta, GA)

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