All-in-one construction payroll and HR software

The construction industry has unique demands for payroll and HR: calculating accurate job costing for your labor, managing compliance and reporting on prevailing wages and government regulations, for union contracts and staffing for your jobs in a tight labor market. Simplify how you manage it all with an intuitive solution built for construction.

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From certified payroll and HR management to labor tracking and compliance reporting, ADP has the solutions to help you stay productive, manage risk, and control costs – wherever you are.

Construction-specific payroll & HR

Whether you need to simplify payroll to help calculate job costing or collect accurate hours from your crew across several job sites, ADP offers payroll and HR features built for the construction industry.

Manage compliance with confidence

From training to managing workers’ compensation, certified payroll reporting and helping with OSHA compliance, our platform can ease administrative burdens and compliance risks.

Find skilled workers

Finding the best candidates starts with the right tools. With ADP, you can get everything from exclusive construction benchmarking insights to Fortune 500®-caliber benefits.

A solid foundation for payroll and HR

Spend less time managing payroll and HR and more time managing projects. ADP offers integrated solutions to help with everything from job costing to time tracking so you can stay productive and meet demand.*


Move beyond tedious spreadsheets or confusing systems with flexible payroll solutions built to meet unique construction demands.

  • Auto-assign union wage and benefit rates, including prevailing or fringe rates for Davis-Bacon projects
  • Keep projects on track and make smarter business decisions with clear visibility into labor costs and expenses
  • Give your workers flexible payment options, including paperless pay through Wisely


Keep your teams connected and productive on the job with secure mobile access for time-tracking, self-service tools and more.

  • Enable your crew to clock in from the field via our mobile app, complete with geofencing capabilities
  • Give employees mobile access to their information, including schedules, pay statements, benefits and more
  • Run payroll, approve timesheets and time off requests, edit schedules and more through our mobile app


Stay ahead of staffing demands and keep projects moving forward with the help of ADP’s robust tools for recruiting, managing and retaining employees.

  • Instantly post to 100+ job boards with ZipRecruiter® and filter candidates by skillset or credentials, including NCEES or ACI
  • Gain a hiring advantage with Fortune 500®-caliber benefits and an intuitive employee self-enrollment experience
  • Onboard new hires faster and help ensure accurate Form I-9 completion and filing with E-Verify


From certified payroll to union reporting and OSHA guidance, our compliance tools help you reduce risk and meet your federal, state and local compliance obligations.

  • Automatically create certified payroll reports for government agencies
  • Manage and assign union contract wages and benefits and create union reports
  • Be ready for the unexpected with affordable workers’ comp, including no upfront premium deposits

Time & Attendance

From mobile time tracking to demand-based scheduling, ADP’s time & attendance tools help you manage ever-changing project schedules and staffing challenges

  • Let employees and managers handle time and attendance responsibilities across multiple job sites using our mobile app
  • Create best-fit schedules based on employee skills, certifications, demand and more
  • Stay ahead of absenteeism and manage accrued time, attendance policies or leave cases all in one place

Hire more workers with data-driven salary benchmarks

If you want to improve your company’s hiring and retention, you need better salary benchmarks. Try up-to-date benchmarks that are aggregated and anonymized from over 40 million employees paid via ADP. See how you stack up against others in the construction industry by location, roles, size, and other factors to answer questions such as:

  • What salary should I offer to attract the best candidates for open positions?
  • What are other construction firms in my area paying their employees?
  • How does our overtime pay compare with other companies like ours?
  • How does our employee diversity compare with others in our industry and location?

See the difference yourself. Get a FREE salary benchmark for your desired location and role today.

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Median blade salary chart comparing a contractor in Garden City, KS, to the national average
Manage, Attract, Retain across side-by-side images showing the different type of roles within the construction industry

ADP Workforce Now for Construction helps you run HR and payroll with confidence, manage compliance with less headache, and attract and develop workers efficiently — all from one place and integrated with popular ERP systems.

ADP Workforce Now® for Construction

Finally, an HCM software built for construction

ADP Workforce Now for Construction is the only all-in-one HCM solution built for the unique demands of the construction industry. Get streamlined payroll processing, scalable compliance, and powerful recruiting tools that help you stay ahead of the game and manage your business with ease.

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Construction payroll and HR FAQs

How do you keep track of construction employees’ hours?

If you’re a contractor or in the construction industry, you can keep track of your employees’ hours using either paper timesheets and punch clocks or mobile time tracking apps that have GPS and geofencing capabilities. Digital solutions make it easier to track employees on multiple job sites, thereby minimizing the risk of mistakes.

How do you do construction accounting?

Construction accounting requires an understanding of basic accounting practices – debits, credits, financial statements, etc. – as well as job costing, which helps manage the many variables of running a project-based business. A construction payroll service that is capable of paying employees across multiple states and unions may also be helpful, especially if you want to save time.

What is a construction cost report?

A construction cost report is a detailed summary of all of the costs associated with a specific project, including labor. Tracking this data allows project managers to monitor actual labor costs against budgeted amounts and make informed decisions to ensure the project stays on budget.

How do you control costs on construction projects?

Tracking the physical completion of a job across milestones can help control construction project costs. When the first milestone is achieved, look at your material, labor and overhead expenses. If these costs went above what was originally forecast, you can correct the issues that caused the overage in successive milestones and bring the project back within budget. Another way to control costs is to spread overhead expenses among multiple jobs that might use the same equipment.

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