ADP SmartCompliance® for Health Compliance

Effortlessly navigate Affordable Care Act (ACA) and state health coverage reporting complexities with Health Compliance, your partner in avoiding penalties and achieving seamless compliance integration.

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You deserve a better way to manage ACA compliance

Meeting the demands of the ACA just got easier, thanks to ADP SmartCompliance. Our award-winning, cloud-based platform helps you proactively avoid penalties and achieve efficient ACA reporting — all from your current payroll, HR or benefits system. 

  • 2020 BIG Innovation award-winning solution
  • Simplifies federal and state ACA reporting, avoiding penalties after Good Faith Penalty Relief expiration
  • Efficient integration for ACA employer reporting (Forms 1094-C & 1095-C)
  • Streamlines annual reporting and filing with the IRS and states (CA, DC, NJ, RI)

Take a proactive approach to ACA penalty avoidance

When you partner with ADP, your organization's ACA compliance is backed by real-time status visibility, seamless data integration, and comprehensive regulatory adherence, all designed to help you keep your business ahead and penalty-free.

Intelligent Technology

Streamline your workflow and get ACA compliance confidence with SmartCompliance’s proactive, flexible features, including

  • Flexible integration allows you to set up and manage automated data capture from any payroll, HR or benefits system
  • Constant data hygiene simplifies year-end with automated validation to help identify and correct potential penalty or compliance risks or data anomalies
  • Automated ACA Social Security Number solicitation and tracking* helps you respond to IRS name or SSN discrepancies by streamlining communications regarding employee or dependent data errors

(*additional available module)

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Unmatched Visibility

Stay ahead of penalties and get peace of mind with real-time, actionable insights regarding your ACA compliance status

  • On-Demand View of ACA compliance status – anytime, anywhere
  • Proactive awareness of compliance issues – by employee, by month, by FEIN
  • Forms access to always-available, populated Forms 1094-C/1095-C – at any time of the reporting year
  • Past filing assessment to help identify potential penalties based on forms and data already sent to the IRS
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Holistic Compliance

With ADP SmartCompliance, you get comprehensive compliance solutions to help you stay proactive when adhering to ACA regulations, including: 

  • Automated calculations, such as monthly ACA Eligibility (eg., full-time, Leave of Absence and rehires), affordability safe harbors or monthly minimum essential coverage threshold per Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Regulatory management for federal and state reporting, forms furnishing and filing and ACA specialists to help resolve exchange notices or penalties
  • Agency monitoring to prepare for federal and state requirements (IRS, NJ, DC, CA, RI)
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