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The professional services industry has numerous challenges for HR and payroll, including attracting and retaining top talent, keeping projects on schedule and in scope, and making sure information and data are always safe. Make managing it all more seamless than ever by connecting to our solutions built for professional services.

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From certified payroll and HR management to advanced scheduling and insightful analytics, we’ve got the solutions you need to reduce turnover, control costs and stay secure.

Attract and retain skilled workers

Identify the right people for your team and keep them longer with incentives like retirement solutions, best-in-class benefits and a better employee experience.

Mitigate the risk of security breaches

Every day, you deal with sensitive data. But through our 75+ years of keeping client data safe, we have the tools and experience to keep your and your clients’ information safe.

Increase business efficiency

Your workers are both your main revenue drivers and your main expense. We'll help to reduce back-office costs by identifying where and how to streamline your processes.

Top payroll and HR solutions for professional services

Our range of solutions improve productivity and drive efficiency, so you can focus on making connections and building your business and worry less about day-to-day administrative work.


Today, the battle for talent is more competitive than ever. From finding the best people for your business to retaining them with best-in-class benefits, our solutions drive engagement and help you put together a top team.

  • Instantly post to 100+ job boards with ZipRecruiter® and easily filter candidates by skillset
  • Gain a competitive edge with Fortune 500®-caliber benefits that your workers will love
  • Give employees the power to answer their own benefits, HR and payroll questions quickly and accurately with self-service
  • Offer learning and development resources so your people can continually upskill

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Streamline your payroll processes with our flexible payroll systems that are made to meet the unique demands of the professional services industry.

  • Get a general ledger interface to easily connect your payroll and accounting systems
  • Keep projects on track and make smarter decisions and sharper projections with clear visibility into labor costs and expenses
  • Give your team flexible payment options, such as Wisely by ADP

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Time & Attendance

Stay on top of long-term projects and quick turnarounds with time and attendance tools that help you manage ever-changing schedules, demands and challenges.

  • Easily track attendance and create schedules based on best fit and/or needs
  • Let employees and managers handle time and attendance responsibilities directly from project locations
  • Build and adjust schedules based on employee availability, skills and/or credentials
  • Quickly manage on-demand workers and rate their performance for better cost controls

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From catching wage errors to finding tax credits and more, our solutions are built to help keep you compliant.

  • Stay on top of complicated wage and hour laws with integrated recordkeeping, overtime calculations and ability to track worker status
  • Manage Workers’ Compensation claims and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance with visibility into your status, monthly calculations and constant data validation to flag potential errors
  • Keep employees up-to-date on the most recent compliance requirements on a range of topics through our Essential Learning program

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You and your employees are often on location, so we make managing things from your mobile device easier than ever.

  • Run payroll, approve timesheets and time-off requests, edit schedules and more through our mobile app
  • Give employees mobile access to their information, including schedules, pay statements, benefits and more
  • Save time and money by going paperless with Wisely, which provides greater financial inclusion for everyone on your team
  • Save time and money by going paperless with Wisely, which provides greater financial inclusion for everyone on your team

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Professional services payroll and HR FAQs

What is the role of human resources in a professional services firm? 

In a professional services firm, human resources can help with a number of different challenges. For example, human resources in a professional firm can perform recruiting and hiring duties, help enable compliance, validate and track employee time off, and much, much more.

What is an example of a professional service provider?

The professional services industry spans a number of different subsectors, including legal services; architectural, engineering and design firms; accounting and bookkeeping; computer systems design and related services; and others.

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