ADP SmartCompliance® Wage Payments Module
Enable 100 % electronic pay today – delivering compliance capabilities and convenience.

The Future of Pay: Flexibility and Convenience Today

Today’s workforce is evolving and expects more flexible & convenient pay options. Keeping up with the many ways your employees want to receive and manage their pay can be difficult and time-consuming. Let ADP help by putting you on the fast track to embrace the future of pay.

ADP can be your single resource that allows you to handle all your payroll options, help reduce the burden of managing multiple vendors and addresses a wide variety of pay expectations, including:

  • Pay cards
  • Direct deposit
  • Paper checks

Regardless of which pay methods you choose, ADP delivers both active and former employees secure anytime access to pay, tax and account information via myADP and the ADP® Mobile Solutions app.

Advancing the Future of Pay by meeting the demands of the changing workforce!

Wisely Pay by ADP™ solutions not only help you move closer to 100% electronic pay, it allows you to give your employees more pay options, easy access to their pay and helps support their financial wellness.

Convenience and flexibility to address the pay needs of today’s workforce

The Wisely Pay by ADP™ pay card is a reloadable account that can be the perfect complement, or a better alternative, to a traditional bank account, delivering more, for less.

Helping to address the emerging pay needs of your employees:

  • 51.1 million Americans are considered underbanked1
  • U.S. workers without bank accounts pay $8 billion per year in fees to check-cashers, payday lenders and bill payers2
  • 47% of Millennials and Generation Z workers say they prefer pay cards because they would rather not have a bank account3

A fully electronic payment solution to help employers address compliance challenges

  • State-by-state compliance that helps make it easy to implement and increase adoption of paperless pay
  • Compliant termination pay for on-demand payments in all 50 states– even in states with stringent rules for immediate, same-day pay
  • A Wholly-owned processing platform, allowing new features to be added quickly
  • Client and field support services to help you reach your pay card goals throughout the program lifecycle

Designed to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s employees

  • Lower costs with NO monthly service fees, NO minimum balances and NO overdraft fees
  • Fee-free access to cash with over 80,000 nationwide surcharge free, in-network ATMs
  • Early access to direct deposit pay to meet emergency needs

Full-service direct deposit

Direct deposit helps virtually eliminate the need for paper checks by electronically depositing payroll funds directly into your employees’ accounts.


Our industry-leading check disbursement option is backed by a dedicated and secure production and distribution center with 10 check fraud protection features. A single-source vendor allows the check to be quickly generated and sent precisely where it needs to go. The checks can also be personalized and include expanded check and earnings statements.

Employer benefits

A Complete Solution that allows you to handle all of your pay and statement options and help reduce the burden of managing multiple vendors.

Nationwide Compliance helps your payroll department easily monitor direct deposits, pay card activation, check authentication, and completion.

Reduce costs by virtually eliminate printing and distribution expenses, especially with electronic pay statements, and other vendor costs.

Employee benefits

Mobile-first Experience that enables employees to manage their pay on the go, access electronic pay statements, pay bills, make purchases and take advantage of the Wisely Pay card’s digital wallet functionality.

A Choice of Pay Options, plus instant and off-cycle payment capabilities and the ability to split pay, help employees get paid the way they want to.

Financial Wellness Capabilties that your workers would expect from a bank—even if they don’t have a bank account, including spending trends and savings tools conceptualized by behavioral economists to deliver meaningful value to workers.

Why ADP®?

Get a head-start on employee adoption

Driving employee adoption is key for launching a successful electronic pay program. We'll provide you with hands-on guidance from an ADP professional to help create the best adoption plan for your company. With the right deployment strategy, backed by a proven best-practices model and ADP-provided marketing materials, you can help your employees go digital and experience the benefits of a digital economy.

Partner with reliable and experienced experts**

  • ADP processes payroll for 26 million (1 in 6) workers in United States and 41 million workers globally
  • Wisely is adding over 250,000 new accounts per month and processing over 600 million transactions per year
  • In the last 12 months, ADP has made over 800 Million direct deposits valued at over $1 Trillion
  • In the last 12 months, ADP has issued over 66 Million checks valued at over $47 Billion
  • In the last 12 months, ADP has moved over $2.1 Trillion which is about 10% of the United States GDP**

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