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Automate how you manage your freelancers, 1099 contractors, and contingent workers

Today's workforce is more mobile, digital and flexible than ever. WorkMarket®, an ADP company, empowers businesses with a single source of truth to manage every aspect of their freelance and contractor workforce — onboarding, compliance and reporting — from a single dashboard.

The best part? It seamlessly integrates into your HCM system or any cloud-based enterprise app you use to run your business.

WorkMarket®: How it works

Workmarket is a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides your business the ability to scale in today’s competitive environment.

WorkMarket features and benefits

Organize, verify and track all your independent contractors simply and effectively

Keeping track of your database of freelancers and contractors, including their rates, skill sets and locations, is a time-consuming challenge — and it can be frustrating when you need help quickly and can’t find the right fit.

Onboard and organize your contractors into customizable groups — labor clouds — based on their skills, location and experience, providing you with a single source for your entire extended workforce.

A Primer on Labor Clouds: Everything Procurement Needs to Know

Labor clouds 101: Everything you need to know

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Manage all your contractor workflows — from one dashboard

Ditch the spreadsheets and capitalize on powerful dashboard tools to manage hundreds or thousands of independent contractors across the country, track their work and collaborate with them in real time, using our native mobile Android and iOS apps.

7 Reasons you need a contingent workforce strategy

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Pay your contractors conveniently and on your terms

WorkMarket’s 1099 payment engine gives you the flexibility to seamlessly pay contractors through an ACH deposit, Wisely Pay by ADP® paycard or PayPal. You can also streamline invoicing and billing processing with intuitive automation and integration with your other payment systems.

Freelancer payments. Simplified.

Mitigate compliance risk with guardrails you control

When your freelance and contract workforce spans localities and job types, you need help to ensure you’re complying with your organization’s requirements for independent contractors.

Set rules for how your contractors engage with you and establish requirements around contracts, insurance, work frequency and more. Our Labor Clouds ensure that only freelancers who meet your established corporate standards can work for you.

Worker classification 101: Everything you need to know

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Track and report on every aspect of your contract workforce

Nearly half of HR and business leaders don't know how much they're spending on independent contractors.1

Utilize executive-level dashboards and automated reporting to gain visibility into every aspect of your extended workforce — total spend, market coverage, worker performance, 1099 forms and much more.

To learn more, visit www.workmarket.com.

How to compliantly engage your contract workforce

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  1. CPO Rising, On-Demand Talent and the Rise of WorkMarket and the FMS Platform, 2015