Corporate Social Responsibility

Unlocking potential in our people, clients and communities

Corporate Social Responsibility at ADP

ADP is committed to delivering a more human, simple and sustainable business process for all of those we serve. We believe that our vision for corporate social responsibility will attract, engage and retain top talent, bolster continued business performance and conserve environmental resources for our company and our clients.

The resulting financial edge, increased associate engagement scores and positive perceptions among our associates, investors, clients and the market at large will produce a competitive advantage. With powerful software, continuous innovation and a human touch, we pledge to help build a better workforce — for our company, our associates, our clients and our world.

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Building a better company — and world.

Find out how ADP is contributing to a more ethical, inclusive society through our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

At ADP, we are dedicated to unlocking potential — not only for our clients and their businesses, but for our people, our communities and our world as a whole. As one of the world’s largest providers of human capital management (HCM) solutions, we have clients, associates, partners, investors and neighbors across the globe — and we have a commitment to each of them to be a conscientious corporate citizen.

All of our stakeholders — clients, associates, partners and investors — trust us to act ethically and responsibly and to meet the highest standards when it comes to conducting business. ADP has a culture based on honoring our commitments and always doing the right thing. In fact, it is the first of our company’s core values: Integrity Is Everything.



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Supplier Diversity

Operating Principles

At ADP, we never forget that success is driven by an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. We are committed to attracting and retaining the world’s greatest talent; building diverse, inclusive teams; and being the kind of workplace where work aligns with passion.

Diversity and Inclusion
As a global leader in human capital management, we know that attracting and retaining top talent are critical to ADP’s growth in the short- and long-term. At ADP, we strive to ensure our workplace is inclusive and values the contribution of every individual.

Associate Engagement
Simply put, stronger associate engagement means better productivity, better retention and better client service. ADP leverages StandOut® to encourage associates to gain a better understanding of their skills and abilities that help them shine and learn how to unlock their potential.

Flexible Work Environment
Flexibility at ADP is our opportunity to consider how, where and when work gets done in a way that contributes to the success of our business and our clients. We find that workforce flexibility is valued by the talent in the market and helps us bring out the best in our associates.

Fostering Employee Success
Being a large, global organization with multiple business units, functions and areas of focus, we have the ability to offer our associates a wide array of career paths. This is a win for the associate and for ADP by enabling both the company and the associate to benefit from the growth in knowledge and experience.

Health, Wellness and Safety
ADP has long supported and promoted a culture of health and wellness throughout the company, and we are committed to implementing programs designed to keep our associates healthy while protecting our business from issues such as high absenteeism.

Good corporate citizenship doesn’t stop at taking care of our associates and our communities. In serving our clients, we connect with 40 million workers, providing a unique view into the human side of work. When our innovations in technology improve the employability and the quality of the workforce, as well as the workplace in general, ADP creates a positive societal impact that goes beyond profits.

Research and Innovation at ADP
ADP was an early pioneer of business outsourcing cloud technology and is a recognized human capital management innovator. Our global reach extends beyond 110 countries and territories, and our broad product depth addresses the human capital management needs of any business, from small “mom and pops” to multinational corporations with 100,000+ employees.

ADP associates enjoy seeing their innovations adopted widely, making a difference for workers around the globe. Some of these innovations include:

  • Innovations Labs
  • ADP DataCloud
  • ADP Marketplace
  • ADP Research Institute®
  • ADP National Employment Report®

Through many different initiatives and programs, we at ADP believe that our business is only as strong as the communities in which we operate. We apply our best assets — our technology, expertise, funding and volunteerism — toward helping communities where we live, work and do business.

From contributing time, skills and funds to organizations that do good work; to a commitment to working with diverse suppliers; to unlocking the potential of people by investing in education — our company encourages and enables these contributions to make our communities stronger.

Volunteering and Giving
We implement corporate programs that encourage our associates to give back through workplace giving, as well as volunteering their time, knowledge and experience to those in need.

Stakeholder Engagement
As a global leader in business outsourcing solutions, ADP recognizes that creating partnerships with diverse suppliers is a major competitive advantage and a way to grow our presence with small businesses in our local communities.

Strengthening Employability in Communities
We believe that employability — helping people around the world access the skills and opportunities they need to succeed — is core to sustaining our own business and, at the same time, good for society and the world economy.

At ADP, we make proactive decisions every day in our offices, homes and communities to help protect the environment and conserve resources. ADP considers environmental sustainability to be a key initiative in our strategic corporate social responsibility program.

Our goal is to reduce waste, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and our energy needs across the globe through many different initiatives including recycling programs, LEED certified buildings, environmental risks and disaster preparedness for our facilities; providing hybrid cars for our sales force; and constantly reviewing opportunities for alternative energy sources and reducing energy consumption in our buildings.

From water consumption and reducing emissions to energy conservation and working with vendors who share our values on sustainability, we track an array of activities and metrics to help us understand what we’re doing today — and what we can be doing tomorrow — to help protect and nurture our local and global resources, as well as create value for our company and clients.