ADP SmartCompliance® Employment Verification

Provide credentialed verifiers with secure access to employment and income verifications.

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Faster verifications. Fewer headaches.

From loans to mortgages and credit card applications, employees often need to have their employment status and income verified. ADP can help to expedite the process without compromising your employees’ privacy.

Easily integrated with most HCM systems, the ADP SmartCompliance Employment Verification module takes the time-consuming work out of responding to employment and income verification requests, so you can focus on more strategic priorities. With the ADP SmartCompliance Employment Verification module, you'll draw on a database of 200,000+ verifiers.

Easy for employers. Effortless for administrators.

  • Employment and income verification is available 24/7 through a web portal
  • Responses are immediate because we link to data from your payroll system (whether from ADP ® or another company)
  • The system logs all transactions, providing an audit-ready trail of who requested verification and what data was provided
  • Administrators save time and effort, since verification is faster and data integrates into most HCM systems

And this means a reduced workload for your business.

Add a layer of security to protect employees

The ADP SmartCompliance Employment Verification module meets the applicable requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including providing verification reports only to credentialed verifiers who certify they have a permissible purpose.

We also go beyond FCRA. For income verifications, verifiers are required to certify that the employee consented to the verification or release of their employment and/or income information.1 This adds an extra layer of privacy and security that’s essential for employees today.

Targeted solutions for workforce, HR and business challenges

ADP SmartCompliance is a suite of expert-led services and technology that integrates with your systems to help maintain regulatory compliance, engage workers, empower HR staff and positively affect your bottom line.

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Your privacy is assured.

1. In accordance with FCRA, verifiers seeking verifications of employment and/or income information for employment purposes are required to provide this certification as well.