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Together, we transform human experiences within and beyond work

As pioneers shaping the future of work, we focus on addressing people's needs both in and outside the workplace. We target cutting-edge startups that are committed to creating a better world of work and use emerging technologies to meet these challenges head-on.

Our investment focus

We invest broadly, focusing on products that improve people’s lives at the workplace and beyond, empowering employees and organizations alike.


We invest in solutions that enhance ADP’s core human capital management (HCM) offering and introduce new capabilities beyond HCM.


We invest in early-stage startups with traction signaling product-market fit.


We invest globally, with an emphasis on North America.

Our approach

At ADP, we are Always Designing for People. That's why our Venture mission is to to shape the future where work is more enriching for everyone. To drive innovation and fuel growth, we focus on three core pillars:


We invest in new technologies that transform the way we work and create an experience where employees and employers thrive.


From concept to execution, we work with founders to co-create products that elevate the employee experience at every level


Leveraging our proprietary assets, we create and test innovative HCM products rooted in ADP’s domain expertise, such as ADP Marketplace and Wisely®.

Our portfolio and partners

Every day, we’re helping startups like yours shape the future of work.

From the team responsible for incubating ADP Marketplace

Our digital HR platform empowers businesses to integrate third-party solutions with ADP’s services seamlessly.


Our difference

Partner with a leading global provider of HCM solutions. As part of ADP Ventures, you’ll have access to critical funding and expertise while benefiting from ADP’s network and resources.


Innovation isn’t a buzzword to us. Our annual investment in HCM development exceeds $1 billion.1


Expand and reach new markets by leveraging our broad global network. Our global HCM solutions are delivered to over 1 million clients across more than 140 countries.


ADP delivers payroll for over 41 million workers globally, including 1 in 6 workers in the U.S.


Tap into 75+ years of go-to-market expertise with strategic guidance from our sales teams.


Get access to ADP’s exclusive customer insights and design partnerships.


Be first in line for premium ADP Marketplace listings and integrations into our core products.

Our investment team

We’re a group of strategic partners dedicated to accelerating the growth of transformative HCM products and beyond.

  • Headshot of Usman Khan

    Usman Khan

    Senior Vice President
    ADP Ventures
  • Headshot of Karishma Shah

    Karishma Shah

    Vice President
    Venture Investments
  • Headshot of Isabel Izquierdo Franco

    Isabel Izquierdo Franco

    Vice President
    Venture Partnerships
  • Headshot of Vishal Banerjee

    Vishal Banerjee

    Sr. Director & Principal
    Venture Investments
  • Headshot of Sam Nasser

    Sam Nasser

    Manager & Associate
    Venture Investments

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  1. Source: ADP FY22 10-K