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Improve wage garnishment processing.
Decrease risk and administrative burden.

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Wage garnishments integrated with your existing payroll systems

Nationally, 2.9% of the workforce has paychecks garnished for consumer debts, including: student loan, consumer and credit card debts.* As federal, state and local laws and regulations become more complex, the risk of errors begins to fall on employers, who can be penalized up to the full amount of the employee’s judgment debt for missed or improper calculations, payments or other errors in processing or responding to a wage garnishment order.

With ADP SmartCompliance for wage garnishments, you get the comprehensive garnishment order processing and disbursement support you need to reduce your administrative burden, improve compliance and mitigate the risk of penalties.

Source: National Consumer Law Center, November 2020

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Focus on Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishment regulations are constantly changing – making them complex and time-consuming to manage. Learn which trends to watch and how they could affect you.
Get the insight.

Increase accuracy, reduce risk, improve compliance

ADP SmartCompliance for wage garnishments helps you:

  • Automate and expedite order receipt processing and administration
  • Provide agencies visibility of their payments, orders and more in a dedicated portal
  • Centralize wage garnishments in a single, online system
  • Reduce errors and data anomalies with a rules engine that validates information in orders

You can count on getting garnishment processing at scale with ADP®.

Source: 1. September – January Fiscal Year 2017 2. September – January Fiscal Year 2017 3. September – January Fiscal Year 2017

$8-bn in wage garnishment

In 2020, ADP processed more than $8 Billion in wage garnishments, including 3 million withholding orders, 5.9 million notifications and 31 million disbursements.*

*2021, ADP internal data

Wage garnishment solutions from the name you can trust

SmartCompliance for wage garnishments leverages advanced cloud-based technology powered by 7 decades of professional experience. That means you get the automation and efficiency you need backed by the support of dedicated ADP specialists.

Automation reduces administrative burden

An online dashboard gives you visibility into the management of your wage garnishment orders and access to important features like:

  • Jurisdiction-specific response templates designed for your compliance
  • Continuous reporting, including task tracking, order status review and time sensitive alerts
  • Time-saving mandated notice generation

A single vendor makes things simple

With ADP SmartCompliance, you’re dealing with only one vendor across the entire process, simplifying and streamlining everything. This means:

  • ADP remits payments for you
  • The status of payments remitted by ADP is visible on-demand via employer and employee portals
  • Ancillary tasks like check reconciliation, stop payment requests, notifications and re-issues are included

Support that's there for you

With deep expertise in wage garnishments, your ADP team is ready to help you and your employees. With ADP, you get:

  • The professional experience of service representatives who have, on average, 8+ years of industry experience and 5+ years specific wage garnishment experience
  • Multiple means for employees to get the help they need, including desktop, mobile and phone options
  • Access to bilingual call centers with advanced call monitoring, tracking and call documentation

Targeted solutions for workforce, HR and business challenges

ADP SmartCompliance is a suite of technology solutions backed by ADP’s experts to help you simplify compliance complexity, close technology gaps and minimize business disruptions.

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