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Restaurants, hotels and food services companies have many challenges — not least among them payroll and HR. Cook up a better way of doing business with our solutions that help you track hours across multiple locations, manage turnover and simplify the benefits process.

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Nothing in the hospitality industry is more important than time. We get that —it’s why our solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We cover all the complexities inherent to the industry, so you can confidently turn tables and rooms.

Attract and retain Grade A talent

Find the best people for your business and reduce turnover through leading recruitment tools, workforce analytics, best-in-class benefits and retirement solutions.

Serve up a better employee experience

Your workers are your lifeblood. Make their lives easier and build loyalty with flexible payment options, employee engagement tools, development training and more.

Mitigate risk and simplify compliance

When it comes to compliance, the heat is always on. We’ll help keep you in the clear with wage and hours updates, ACA management and workers’ compensation.

An extensive menu of payroll and HR solutions

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time where you’re most needed in front or back of house. Put a dent in your to-do list with our solutions that integrate time and labor, payroll and HR systems.


Turnover’s a fact of life in the restaurant industry, but our talent toolset can help you in a number of different ways:

  • Instantly post to 100+ job boards with ZipRecruiter® and easily filter candidates by skillset
  • Offer industry-leading benefits that your workers will love and intuitive, easy self-enrollment, when you partner with our PEO, ADP TotalSource®
  • Electronically verify the employment eligibility of employees with E-Verify
  • Build a flexible, multi-skilled team with courses and resources to help workers advance their careers

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With a high number of employees, wages and hours all in flux, running restaurant payroll can be a headache. Our solution makes it easy to:

  • Connect seamlessly with your POS system to capture time and process tips more accurately
  • Track multiple jobs and multiple rates of pay
  • Keep projects on track and make smarter decisions with clear visibility into labor costs and expenses
  • Provide your workers with flexible payment options, such as Wisely by ADP

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Time & Attendance

Hours are everything for you and your employees. ADP’s time and attendance tools help you manage hectic, ever-changing schedules and staffing challenges.

  • Easily create best-fit schedules based on demand and employee skills and keep track of hours to help manage full and part-time workers
  • Let employees and managers handle time and attendance responsibilities like shift swapping at multiple restaurant locations using our mobile app
  • Stay ahead of absenteeism and manage PTO, attendance policies or leave cases all in one place

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Catching compliance mistakes before they occur can help to keep your doors open. From catching wage errors to finding tax credits, our solutions are built to help keep you meet your compliance obligations.

  • Keep pace with minimum wage requirements for tipped workers
  • Stay on top of complicated wage and hour laws with integrated recordkeeping and overtime calculations
  • Manage Workers' Compensation claims, State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) and ACA compliance with visibility into your status, monthly calculations, and constant data validation to flag potential errors

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You and your employees are never in one place for long, so we make managing things from your mobile device easier than ever.

  • Give employees mobile access to their information, including schedules, pay statements, benefits and more
  • Run payroll, approve timesheets and time-off requests, edit schedules and more through our mobile app
  • Save time and money by going paperless with Wisely, which provides greater financial inclusion for everyone on your team

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Restaurant payroll and HR FAQs

How do you do payroll tips for restaurants?

In some cases, employers in the restaurant industry can apply tips to satisfy a portion of their minimum wage obligation. This is known as a tip credit and it’s calculated by subtracting the minimum cash wage from the federal minimum wage. If employees don’t earn enough tips to reach the minimum wage, then the employer is required to pay them the difference. Note that state minimum cash wage and maximum tip credits may differ and certain states prohibit tip credits.

How do you keep restaurant payroll records?

Restaurants, like other businesses, are required to keep payroll records, such as pay statements, time records, Forms W-4, etc. In addition, restaurant employees must track their daily tips and provide their employer with a monthly tip report for any month in which their total tips received was $20 or more. They may use IRS Form 4070 for this purpose or custom forms and electronic systems supplied by their employer.

How are tips distributed in a restaurant?

Employees are entitled to keep any tips they receive unless they’ve entered into a valid tip-sharing, or “tip pooling,” arrangement with their coworkers. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) doesn’t limit contributions to tip pools, but an employer must notify employees in advance if there is a minimum contribution requirement. Additionally, employers may only claim tip credits on the amount of tips an employee actually receives from the tip pool.

Does an employer pay taxes on tips?

Yes, employers must pay their portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as unemployment tax, based on their employees’ earned wages and total reported tips.

Who’s considered a tipped employee?

Anyone who regularly receives more than $30 per month in tips is considered a tipped employee. Examples include bartenders, waiters, valets and gaming dealers. More recently, the federal government has allowed other types of workers, such as janitors and dishwashers, to begin receiving tips through tip pools, provided certain requirements are met. Some states, however, still restrict tip pooling agreements only to those who customarily receive tips.

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