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Healthcare professionals depend on reliable payroll and HR solutions to support their operations. See how ADP's tools can help your organization create a better employee and patient experience.

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No matter your setting – extended care facility, hospital, dental clinic or physician's office – healthcare professionals face unique payroll and HR challenges. With ADP, you get comprehensive solutions that can help you find and retain the best talent, support your people, and manage compliance obligations.

Attract & retain skilled staff with hiring solutions

You need the best tools to find the best talent. With ADP, you can get everything from exclusive healthcare benchmarking insights to Fortune 500®-caliber benefits.

Create an exceptional employee experience

Self-scheduling, assistance programs, one-on-one support for employees – ADP helps you empower your people with tools that work the way they do.

Mitigate risk and simplify compliance

From Affordable Care Act (ACA) management to proactive federal and state employment law alerts, our tools can help you confidently manage compliance.

Exceptional patient care starts with the right solutions

Spend less time on manual processes and transform your HR operations. ADP's solutions help you integrate HR systems, time and labor and payroll so you can focus on what matters: aligning labor, productivity and patient care.


Talent is the cornerstone of your patient experience. With ADP, you get recruiting and hiring tools to help you attract and retain skilled healthcare workers.

  • Find the right salary range to win the best talent with compensation benchmarks from ADP's exclusive insights
  • Enhance your employee experience with tools for everything from career growth and development to health and financial wellness
  • Manage your healthcare contractors efficiently and compliantly from onboarding to pay.

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From automating tax calculations to ensuring your staff receives the correct type of pay, ADP has solutions that help you simplify your payroll processes and meet compliance obligations.

  • Manage diverse compensation and incentives, including multiple pay rates or shift differentials
  • Integrate direct deposit or mobile payroll solutions with time and attendance tracking to help you control costs
  • Pay employees their way with flexible payment options, including paperless pay through Wisely®

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Time & Attendance

From accommodating irregular hours and 24-hour shifts to coordinating relief staff and addressing worker fatigue, ADP's time and attendance tools help you simplify managing complex schedules.

  • Create best-fit schedules based on licensing, credentials, staffing ratios and availability
  • Let staff swap, drop, or claim shifts, and help supervisors manage changes, openings and approvals
  • Easily track billable hours by helping staff clock shifts on the go with the mobile time tracking solutions

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With ADP, you get solutions to help you monitor compliance and mitigate risks to your organization.

  • Manage ACA compliance with visibility into your status, monthly calculations, and constant data validation to flag potential errors
  • Stay up to date with federal and state regulations with proactive alerts and instant access to legislative and regulatory developments
  • Stay up to date on staff training requirements with online record management, including licenses, certifications and expiration dates

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Empower your people to succeed with the help of user-friendly tools and dedicated service from payroll and HR experts.


ADP's mobile solutions provide round-the-clock access to payroll and HR tools, helping you to manage your team, schedule appropriately-skilled staff and grant employees easy access to their data through our top-rated app.

  • Help staff clock hours or request PTO from their phones, and managers track and approve timesheets on-the-go
  • Streamline scheduling by enabling staff to check schedules or swap shifts anytime, anywhere
  • Give employees one-step benefits enrollment through our mobile app

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Automatically and securely connect your employee data between ADP and your existing HR software — with no coding or IT help needed. Quickly integrate ADP with popular solutions for recruiting, time-tracking, benefits and more.

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Securely integrate your ADP worker data with your HR and business systems. ADP API Central gives developers instant access to the ADP APIs, tools and resources they need to quickly and easily build a customized HCM ecosystem.

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Healthcare payroll and HR FAQs

What is HR payroll software?

HR payroll software combines all your HR and payroll processes into one integrated platform. That means you have a single system to manage everything from running payroll, managing schedules, tracking licenses and certifications or finding your next great hire. Additionally, HR payroll software can empower your staff with self-service options so you can give valuable time back to managers and supervisors. When you partner with ADP, we work to understand your organization’s processes and find options that best suit your unique healthcare setting.

How much does HR payroll software cost?

The cost of HR payroll software depends on several factors, including payroll frequency, your total number of employees and the specific HR services that are needed. The important thing to remember is that a payroll and HR service may actually save you money when compared to the cost of manual processes or compliance risks. ADP will work with you to determine the right setup for your organization.

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