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Thousands of franchisees of all sizes trust ADP for payroll, compliance and HR management tools

Payroll, compliance and HR solutions for franchises

Whether you’re a franchisor looking to build and protect your brand, or a franchisee focused on growing your business, ADP can help you get there.

Our job is to support business owners from organizations of all sizes with preferred pricing and ongoing HR training and support. Whether this is your first franchise location or your fifth, we help our franchise partners continue to grow and maintain a strong and sustainable brand.

Trusted payroll software for franchise businesses

The widest range of payroll and HR solutions all-in-one system to help you:

Save time

Nothing is more valuable to a business owner than time. 3 out of 4 customers spend 15 minutes or less running payroll through ADP.1

Stay compliant

Rest easy knowing you’re keeping up with regulations. 9 out of 10 customers say ADP helps their company comply with payroll tax laws and regulations.1

Manage costs

With ADP's affordable payroll and a flexible suite of HR products, you only pay for the options you need.

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Protect and promote your brand

As a franchise organization, your brand is your most important asset. But when your franchisees are left unsupported, your brand reputation can deteriorate.

ADP helps you protect your brand with excellent, affordable payroll, compliance and HR solutions for franchises — along with superior service and support. We bring additional value to your brand and franchisees by working with you to develop:

  • Ongoing training
  • Webcasts
  • Co-branded marketing support where available

To further advance your success, we:

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Why Franchisors Choose ADP®

Providing your franchisees with payroll, compliance and HR management tools is key to having a successful franchise business.

Build a stronger business

As a franchisee, you deal with the same issues as any small business. You also have the added demand of meeting franchise requirements.

With ADP, you get a trusted, turnkey solution for your payroll, compliance and HR needs. We help you save time and money with best-in-industry HR solutions for franchises — and make sure you’re checking all the right boxes.

Our franchise partners can also access an extensive list of compliance resources such as webcasts, HR newsletters, trainings and more.

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Why DQ Grill and Chill® Restaurant in Massapequa, NY, chose ADP®

New franchise owner Laura Maier chose ADP® to help take care of the restaurant’s HR and payroll needs. ADP’s HR solutions have helped her franchise to remain in compliance with labor laws and stay up-to-date on the constantly changing and evolving world of HR.

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Franchise FAQs

What are the costs associated with running a franchise?

The cost of opening and running a franchise varies depending on the industry – retail, food service, etc. However, most franchisees can expect to pay:

  • Attorneys for reviewing franchise disclosure and agreement documents
  • Accountants for bookkeeping and working capital estimates
  • Franchise fees, which may cover licensing, training and site selection
  • Build-out costs, including construction, furniture, zoning and signage
  • Supplies needed to conduct business, such as paper, utensils or tools
  • Inventory (if selling products)
  • Travel and living expenses associated with training

Do franchise owners pay employees?

Small business owners are required to pay their employees and franchisees are no exception. In addition to running payroll, franchisees are generally responsible for hiring workers, filing taxes and complying with all applicable wage and hour laws. If, however, the franchisor exerts control over the employment of the franchisee’s employees, then a joint employment arrangement may exist. In such cases, the franchisor may be responsible for payments that would normally be handled by the franchisee.

The rules, regulations and responsibilities associated with joint employment can be complicated, so it’s best to consult employment attorneys to see how this arrangement might impact business operations. Franchisees who value their time and need assistance managing payroll or compliance can turn to a payroll service provider, like ADP.

What does a franchisor typically provide to franchisees?

Franchisors are required to provide only the services outlined in the franchise agreement. These contracts may include the following provisions:

  • Initial training and operating manuals
  • Location selection
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Field support consultants
  • Financial assistance programs

Do franchises have HR?

Franchisors sometimes have uniform requirements or will offer best practice guidelines, but unless a joint employment arrangement exists, they generally don’t provide HR services. This gives franchisees the freedom to run their business as they see fit, but it also means greater responsibility since they must recruit employees, manage payroll and maintain compliance on their own. In such situations, franchisees can seek help from payroll providers, such as ADP, that specialize in navigating the complexities of HR.

Is a franchisor liable for a franchisee?

A franchisor can sometimes be held liable for the actions of a franchisee if it has authority over the way the franchisee conducts its business. Many jurisdictions apply the day-to-day-operations test to determine the extent of franchisor control. Any efforts to maintain trademarks or ensure product uniformity, however, are generally excluded from this test.

What are the primary advantages to owning a franchise?

Some entrepreneurs purchase a franchise thinking their success is guaranteed. Sadly, this is not always true, but compared to start-up companies, franchisees have some distinct advantages, such as:

  • The brand may already be recognizable to a large audience
  • Collective purchasing allows supplies to be obtained at cheaper costs
  • Franchisors typically provide training, meaning prior experience often isn’t necessary
  • Well-established products or services may make it easier to obtain financing from lenders
  • Support is sometimes available from other franchises in the network

This content does not provide legal, financial, accounting, or tax advice. Please check with your accounting or legal professional regarding circumstances related to your business.

  1. Internal survey of 1,211 RUN Powered by ADP® customers in 2022