Global payroll and HR with a local feel

Deliver on your global strategy, pay your workforce and drive productivity — wherever you do business.

Reduce the complexity of managing a global organization

Consolidate systems, simplify processes and improve accuracy with a single global technology and service provider. We’ve built our global human capital management (HCM) solutions to deliver:

Unparalleled experience

We’ve helped organizations across the globe navigate nearly every HR and payroll scenario — with ease.

Global reach

You need continuous technology and service innovation — with flexible options — to keep pace with global business demands.

Compliance expertise

Fast-changing regulations across geographies can be complex and risky — help ensure that your business is protected.

Global solutions for a borderless world

We can help you align your HR technology and your global business goals with a single, scalable HR system of record covering over 140 countries, including:

  • Payroll — Leverage our unmatched global payroll expertise in one region or in geographies across the globe
  • Talent management — Attract, engage and manage employees so you can propel them toward incredible performance
  • Workforce management — Boost efficiency and visibility with time and labor solutions that are connected to your HR and payroll systems
  • Analytics and benchmarking — Make smarter decisions with better visibility into your workforce and global trends

Tap into ADP's global experts' decades of experience and realize the cost and time savings of transforming your HR and payroll practice.

Global Payroll

COVID-19’s impact on global payroll

Your business is global, so why isn’t your payroll? The pandemic has made regulatory compliance and accuracy even harder to achieve.

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Product recommendations

ADP® Global Payroll

For 1,000+ global employees ADP Global Payroll helps simplify payroll workflow and reduce administrative burden while unifying worldwide payroll data into a more manageable single record. On-demand analytics, built-in compliance and privacy and security features make it a powerful, comprehensive solution for managing global payroll.

ADP® Celergo

For 50-1,000 global employees per country ADP Celergo collects your employee data into a single system of record. It’s a simple, elegant solution to global payroll challenges that makes running payroll in multiple countries easy.

ADP GlobalView® Payroll

For 1,000+ global employees Designed to help large multinationals deliver compliant payroll using a single system of record across 42 countries. ADP GlobalView Payroll includes powerful HR admin tools, reporting options and interactive, mobile-enabled employee access. It can be combined with ADP Celergo to extend payroll to over 140 countries.

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