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Managing schedules, hours worked and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance.

Time & Attendance solutions from ADP make it easier


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Get more done with automation

Keeping track of time manually? Automated time and attendance can change your life. With it, you can reduce your manual — and error-prone — data entry, increase productivity and make sure the right people are where you need them every day. Manage your small business’s time and attendance with ease:

  • Have employees punch in and out on a computer, mobile device or time clock
  • Create and publish schedules online
  • Track time-off requests, approvals and vacations

The best part? It integrates with your ADP payroll software and other ADP solutions.

More complex time management needs? ADP can help.

If you're looking past just time & attendance and want to integrate HCM, payroll, compliance and deeper analytics check out Workforce Management from ADP.

ADP® Time & Attendance for Small Businesses

ADP® Time and Attendance is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling tool that helps small businesses control costs, improve compliance and enhance productivity.

Improve supervisor productivity with a manager dashboard

Empower yourself or your managers to keep track of staff with a team dashboard from ADP. From one convenient place, you can quickly see how things are running:

  • See who’s on the job or if anyone was late or absent, and adjust schedules to stay on top of staffing
  • Monitor hours worked and overtime to help control costs
  • Track and act on timecard approvals to avoid payroll delays
  • Quickly navigate to other supervisor tools, run reports and more to save time and maximize efficiency

Manage compliance with wage and hour regulations

Regulations for wage and hour rules, such as overtime and meal breaks, can be confusing, but they are an important part of protecting your business from penalties. Spreadsheets and notebooks can only go so far — and manual entry is prone to errors.

At ADP, we’re known for our easy-to-use technology that can help you meet compliance requirements. We design software to help you stay on track and store the documentation you’ll need in case of an audit. Plus, we’re here whenever you have a small business time and attendance question.

Get help taking control of labor costs

Tracking time is an important part of managing your labor costs. And, as you grow, this can become more challenging. With ADP, managing and improving your small business’s time and attendance process just got easier.

With time tracking and payroll reporting from ADP, you can visualize the true costs of labor — including temporary staff — and adjust hours as necessary.

30 percent

You could reduce errors in your time-tracking by nearly 30%*.

*Total Workforce Management 2013: The State of Time and Attendance, Aberdeen Group, July 2013.

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