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For decades, we’ve partnered with leading ERP software system providers to bring complete, powerful solutions that meet complex business needs in all industries — connecting people, processes and data seamlessly for enterprise organizations around the globe.

When you partner with us, you’ll join ERP solution providers — like Oracle, SAP, Infor and others — to offer our shared clients a complete solution for payroll, tax and other human capital management-related compliance needs.

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Turning human capital management (HCM) systems into compliance powerhouses

Employers of all sizes in nearly every industry can benefit from ADP solutions like ADP SmartCompliance®, which helps address complex and costly workflows such as distributing pay, filing employment taxes and capturing tax credits. And we can help our shared clients gain freedom and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they'll be in compliance with the latest HCM-related laws.

ADP SmartCompliance modules integrate seamlessly with an ERP's existing payroll and HCM software to provide shared clients with visibility to processes and information that:

  • Helps ensure compliance with the latest HCM-related laws
  • Saves time and costs
  • Minimizes risk

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Simplifying HR back-office and payroll processes

When companies lack integration between their ERP and HCM systems, HR and finance staffers spend many hours a week re-keying or searching for important data among multiple systems. This forces more strategic activities to take a back seat.

By partnering with ADP, we help our shared clients simplify their back-office processes, syncing employee data and posting payroll entries from ADP products to ERP software. Rather than entering payroll data twice, information can be securely uploaded into the ERP — dramatically reducing the chance for errors and saving significant time and effort for employers.

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