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Fast-track your growth, boost revenue and differentiate your solution by offering best-in-class payroll, powered by ADP.

ADP Embedded Payroll allows your business to do more

Where others merely offer payroll API's, ADP brings 75+ years of experience developing, selling and supporting payroll to your platform. Our superior technology, award-winning product, go-to-market resources and expert customer support will help you launch and scale your payroll business with confidence.

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    Boost revenue

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    Enhanced technology

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    Expert sales training

  • Superior technology

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Efficient, reliable and intelligent payroll

With ADP Embedded Payroll you can add best-in-class payroll directly into your platform, giving your clients more reasons to stick around.

Build a powerful, all-in-one solution that includes:

  • Automatic payroll processing with payroll taxes filed on your clients' behalf
  • AI-assisted error detection to help improve payroll accuracy
  • Flexible payment methods, including direct deposit and paycards
  • Support with the latest state and federal tax laws and HR regulations
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Scale swiftly and confidently with unmatched go-to-market resources

You may be new to payroll, but that’s ok because we're not. We've been selling payroll for more than 75 years and have the experience to help you bring your embedded payroll solution to market like no one else can. You'll have access to training, support and demand generation resources to help you scale your payroll business and rapidly drive adoption.

Dedicated expert support for you and your customers

With ADP Embedded Payroll, you and your customers will get live support from certified payroll experts and online resources, so you can quickly get help with any pressing payroll issues.

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Modern APIs and pre-built user journeys

With ADP's industry-leading, secure API's and pre-built user journeys, adding payroll to your solution is easier and faster than you think. And don’t worry, we will support your developers every step of the way - before and after your payroll solution is up and running.

Security is integral to everything we do, and that’s no different with our embedded payroll solution. We're ISO-certified and subject to SOC reports, meaning your client data is safe with us.

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