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Simplify payroll and HR with a set of easy-to-use tools, all backed by ADP's small business expertise.

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Simplify payroll and HR
Get back time to focus on your business.

Today is a challenging time for small businesses. ADP can help you run yours better by making back-office tasks easier and more efficient. No one knows small business payroll and HR like ADP. Our online platform, RUN Powered by ADP®, helps handle payroll, tax and compliance, and HR all from a single convenient place.

See RUN in action

See RUN in action

9 out of 10 customers prefer RUN Powered by ADP® over their previous payroll provider1. Learn how ADP makes managing people and compliance challenges faster and easier.

Our payroll services for small business

Choose the RUN Powered by ADP® package that helps meet your company’s HR and payroll needs.

See how simple running payroll can be

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Small business payroll made easy

Run Powered by ADP® is designed to make your small business payroll quick and easy. With a streamlined process and powerful technology, you'll complete payroll in no time.

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See employees’ time at a glance

Review all employee time for this pay period — and with Time and Attendance from ADP, employee hours are automatically added.

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Manage your staff's time

Easily edit your entire staff's hours, rates, benefit time and bonuses for the current pay period — including 1099 contractors.

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Be confident

Preview how much cash you need this pay period before processing payroll. If things look good, simply click "Approve."

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With RUN Powered by ADP, running payroll can't get any easier — or more convenient. Complete it from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

RUN Powered by ADP® features and benefits

Finish payroll in minutes

Online or on the go — get it done on any device — computer, mobile, tablet.

Pay employees their way

From direct deposit, to ADPCheck™, to online pay information tools — take care of the people who take care of your business.

Payroll in RUN Powered by ADP®

See how RUN Powered by ADP® makes paying your employees easy.

Accidents happen. 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employees in 2015.

Award-winning mobile solutions help improve productivity

Use secure, convenient tools for simple, anytime access across devices.

Take back your time

Allowing employees to clock in and out with web or mobile timecards helps your business run quickly and smoothly.

Learn more about ADP Mobile Solutions.

The tax compliance tool in the RUN Powered by ADP mobile app

Tax filing done for you

Through automation, alerts and service, ADP keeps your tax filing on schedule and helps avoid headaches associated with fines and penalties.

Automate payroll in just seconds

RUN calculates and files payroll, taxes, benefits and retirement deductions for you — automatically.

Worry-free compliance

Keep ahead of HR regulations and state and federal tax laws with automatic updates covering all 50 states. Also have Forms W-2 and 1099 automatically created and sent.

Stay on top of overtime

Review worker classifications, create and manage schedules, and get alerts as employees approach overtime.

Learn how ADP helps small businesses onboard new employees.

HR support: ADP makes it easy to take care of your employees

Whether you need quick answers from our Help Desk or full-on HR support, with ADP you'll have access to our tools, and our expertise.

Navigate legal matters

From contract review to debt collection, Upnetic Legal Services2 offers prepaid legal services - including advice and consultation - to help you navigate issues when they arise.

Keep your employees in the know

Stay current on compliance issues. Create an employee handbook — quickly and easily — so employees know what’s expected of them.

Access employee records, all in one place

Get centralized, searchable access to employee and company documents. Track employee information and performance reviews.

Benefits enrollments in ADP TotalSource/PEO.

Protect your business. Manage cash flow. Offer employees more.

Workers' compensation, health and business insurance, and retirement offerings protect your business and show employees that you care. ADP® makes integrating it all easy.

Business and health insurance

When you work with Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA), a team of licensed insurance services professionals will help you select the right health and business insurance — including workers’ comp — to suit your business and employee needs. We can also assist with the cash flow challenges faced by many today. ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program may eliminate upfront workers’ comp deposits3 and spreads your premium payments over the policy life-cycle, putting more money at your disposal for other critical expenses. Learn more about insurance.

Help employees prepare for retirement

Retirement planning is important to your employees. ADP makes it’s easy for you to provide them with retirement benefits. Learn more about retirement services.

Make every minute count with time management tools

ADP combines payroll with time and attendance for optimal efficiency and precision.

Improve payroll accuracy

Save yourself from tedious and mistake-prone data entry with automated time tracking that captures information directly from employees via their mobile devices, shared tablets and timeclocks.

Simplify compliance

Apply your overtime, meal break, PTO policies and more to help avoid costly penalties from wage and hour violations.

Manage labor expenses

Keep a close eye on hours worked, unplanned absences and forecasted overtime every day so you can see the true cost of labor and quickly control expenses.

Create and assign shifts quickly

Copy schedules from week to week and add pre-defined shifts with ease. Schedules are available online so your employees can see their assigned shifts from anywhere, at any time.

Ensure proper coverage

Post open shifts and let employees claim them or tell you when they’re unavailable to work before you make your schedules. They can even swap shifts with or request coverage from one another right from their phones.

ADP® Timekeeping Plus Scheduling for small businesses

Learn how ADP® Timekeeping Plus Scheduling helps businesses better control labor and overtime costs, improve wage and hour compliance, and enhance worker productivity.

Nearly 700,000 small businesses trust RUN Powered by ADP

Small businesses (1-49 employees) from a range of industries including restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, health care, consulting and tech start-ups all count on RUN.

As a convenient, secure, cloud-based platform, you can safely access your information from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Using RUN’s automated services makes processing online payroll and taxes, as well as managing employees, fast and easy.

Find the package that’s right for you, right now. RUN is designed to scale with plenty of features and services available as your business grows.

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RUN Powered by ADP®

RUN Powered by ADP® is fast, easy and affordable payroll software — and it’s designed specifically for business owners like you.

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Join the growing community of businesses leveraging ADP’s powerful technology, expertise and insights.

Sunshine Solar, LLC 1-49 Employees Manufacturing Marietta, GA

Callaghan Road Animal Hospital 1-49 Employees Healthcare San Antonio, TX

Logan Medical Federal Credit Union 1-49 Employees Financial Services Logan, UT

Powerplant Superfood Café 1-49 Employees Hospitality/Restaurant Los Angeles, CA

Truss Edge, LLC 1-49 Employees Financial Services Naperville, IL

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  1. Internal survey of 752 RUN Powered by ADP® customers in 2020
  2. Legal services are provided by Upnetic Legal Services, a third-party provider
  3. While premium deposits may be eliminated by most carriers, mandatory state assessment fees may be required by some states