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When you work with ADP®, you connect with the licensed agents of our affiliate agency, the Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency (ADPIA™)1, who are committed to simplifying insurance so you can get the coverage that’s best for you and your business. We can also help you better manage cash flow during unsteady times with our Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program.

Why you need workers’ comp insurance

The answer is simple:

  • Most states require businesses with one or more employees to have workers’ compensation insurance; only a few states don’t require it
  • States that require workers' comp typically impose significant penalties for companies that don’t comply
  • Coverage is necessary regardless of fault; injured workers are typically eligible for workers’ compensation, even if their injuries resulted from their own negligence
  • Health or medical insurance doesn’t substitute for workers’ comp; employees are only covered for on-the-job injuries or job-related illnesses

Learn more about what workers’ compensation insurance is, and why you need it, from our affiliate agency, ADPIA.

ADPIA Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Pay-by-Pay may eliminate premium binder payments, improve cash flow and simplify your audits, making a direct impact on your bottom line.2

Integrate with payroll and improve cash flow

What would you do if you had extra cash to put back into your business? ADP’s Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment Program is a unique solution that offers your company a simple and efficient way to pay your premium:

  • No upfront premium deposit is required3, which may free up funds that you can invest in your business
  • Premium payments are based on actual, not estimated, payroll data and carrier rates, to minimize over or underpayments at your year-end audit
  • Payments are spread over your company’s payroll cycle so you know what to expect and when

Compare ADP's Pay-by-Pay to traditional premium payment programs.

Traditional Premium Payments

A 25-100% premium deposit required

Premium based on estimated annual payroll

Limited payment terms (e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual)

Greater risk of additional premium due at year-end audit

Need to hand write checks and send via mail risking late payment or cancellation

ADP Pay-By-Pay Premium Payment Program

No premium deposit required

Premium based on actual payroll and carrier rates

Payments spread-out over company's payroll cycle

Reduced risk of over or underpayment at year-end audit

Eliminates writing checks and assures accurate, on-time payments

Learn more about our Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program.

Guidance from seasoned insurance professionals

Working with ADPIA licensed insurance professionals, you'll receive knowledgeable and supportive guidance — from choosing the right coverage and carrier to helping you keep on top of requirements and regulatory changes.

The licensed insurance professionals of ADPIA are the best at what they do. They’ve worked with more than 170,000 businesses of all sizes to help them choose the right coverage.

To receive a quote for workers’ compensation coverage from one or more leading national and regional carriers, contact ADPIA.

Get the full value of integration

Manage insurance online, on your terms. Whether you need competitive proposals from multiple carriers, advice from a licensed agent, detailed reports or more, you can receive the full value of integrating payroll with select insurance policies when you partner with ADPIA.

Reach out to ADPIA for details.

Get back more time in your day by managing your insurance and payroll all in one platform

With a workers’ compensation policy brokered through Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc., paired with ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program, you can now manage your workers’ compensation policy directly from your ADP payroll system.4

Get back more time in your day by managing your insurance and payroll all in one platform

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Workers’ compensation FAQs*

Which situation qualifies an employee for workers’ compensation coverage?

Employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation if they suffer an accident or injury while working. Illnesses that occur as a result of exposure in the work environment may also be covered by the employer’s policy.

What situations might not be covered by workers’ compensation?

Accidents, injuries and illnesses that occur outside of the workplace, as well as health conditions that existed prior to employment, are generally not covered by workers’ comp.

How long do workers’ comp benefits last?

The length of time that a covered employee may receive workers’ comp benefits largely depends on the type of disability they have and the state they are in. For instance, some states may restrict benefits to a three year period, while others may extend them to seven years or more.

What are workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers’ comp insurance provides partial income replacement while an employee is unable to work. It can also help cover the cost of:

  • Medical treatment
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Other types of ongoing care
  • Funeral expenses (in the event of death)

Do you need workers’ comp for independent contractors?

Workers’ comp generally isn’t required for independent contractors, but regulations do vary by state and industry. Consult a licensed insurance agent to better understand your unique business requirements.

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1 Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA) is an affiliate of ADP, Inc. All insurance products will be offered and sold only through Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc., its licensed agents or its licensed insurance partners; 1 ADP Blvd., Roseland, NJ 07068. CA license #0D04044. Licensed in 50 states. Certain services may not be available in all states.

2 State fees and mandatory state assessments may still apply.

3 While premium deposits may be eliminated by most carriers, mandatory state assessment fees may be required in some states.

4 Requires latest version of RUN and/or Workforce Now

* FAQs are general and not intended as tax or legal advice. If you have any questions, contact a tax or legal professional.