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When did benefits
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so complicated?

It’s time to simplify how you
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Benefits Administration:
Simple, Flexible, Economical

Does your benefits administration fit the needs of your company’s benefit plan structure? Is it supporting other aspects of your Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy, and delivering what your workforce actually wants? The fact is, benefits administration needs to work for your employees – but it also needs to work for you.

ADP’s employee benefits administration solution is designed to help simplify how you manage and deliver your company’s retirement, insurance and other benefits, all while helping keep you in line with U.S. Health Care Reform and other regulatory requirements.

Get a Single Source of Expertise

Why work with ADP? How does a single solution to all of your benefits administration challenges sound? One that’s delivered by a leader in large business benefits administration, and whose help is always just a phone call away. With ADP, you get an all-in-one solution that:

  • Accommodates different plan types and features
  • Connects you with a wide range of plan carriers
  • Provides billing and reporting, along with data feeds to your carriers or other vendors
  • Performs auditing of insurance agency invoices
  • Allows for cross-functional chargebacks
  • Assists with compliance with Health Care Reform regulations
  • Helps you better predict, measure and accelerate the benefits administration aspect of your HCM strategy by adding our HR BPO solution

Benefit from Integration

Benefits administration doesn’t take place in a vacuum – it touches many other functions of HCM. Consider the advantages of integrating benefits administration with those other areas:

  • Having a single data set makes managing all of your services more efficient
  • Cross-functional integration makes benefits administration more economical
  • You get support from a single provider, and have just one interface to learn
  • It’s easier to cross-reference costs and benefits across your company and workforce

Private Exchange

Offer your employees more flexible benefits and easy-to-use decision support tools with a Private Exchange. Continue to work with your current broker, or work with one of our selected partners to choose the right plans for you. You can also help benefits ineligible employees understand and enroll in individual health coverage including plans offered on the Public Exchange through our partnership with GoHealth Insurance.



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Let’s talk Benefits Administration

Thanks to the Health Care Reform law, benefits administration for large business just got a whole lot more complicated. It’s time to rethink benefits administration. Let us show you how to simplify benefits delivery, help manage your compliance burdens and avoid penalties.

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