Employee communication services

Keep your employees informed about their benefits.

42% or less than half of employees think their employer does a good job of educating them on their benefits.

Source: The Guardian Workplace Benefits StudySM: Third Annual, 2016

With HR’s ever-increasing responsibilities, keeping your workforce informed about benefits programs isn’t always easy. Yet it’s critical to driving your benefits participation goals and maintaining an engaged workforce. That’s where ADP’s Employee Communications Services can help.

For you: Employee communications that help maximize your benefits investment

We work with you to design and execute comprehensive employee communication programs using a variety of media, including print, web, email and more.

Our professionals offer:

  • Communication strategies, message development and an action plan
  • Ready-made materials or customized to reflect your brand
  • Creative services such as copywriting and graphic design
  • Printing, mailing and distribution
  • Letters, enrollment kits, posters and other materials
  • Total Compensation Statements, which can help show the total value of your benefits investment

With ADP®, a large-business client improved internal satisfaction with benefits to 90%+.

Source: ADP data

For your workforce: The knowledge and power to act

A solid communication strategy helps your workforce understand plan options and make more-informed personal and financial choices.

ADP® offers these employee communications services:

  • Useful communications throughout the year, not just during annual enrollment
  • Benefits information written in plain language
  • Communications across various media including print, web, video, email and social media

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