Benefits analytics and decision support

Insights and information to make the most of benefits choices.

The rapid rise in the cost of health care and the evolving workforce means you and your employees can no longer afford to take a passive approach to benefits.

Get a clear and detailed view of your employee population, their engagement, preferences and decisions with benefits analytics and decision support, so you can truly see how plan choices impact costs and improve communication and education efforts — helping everyone involved experience better outcomes.

25% of working Americans say choosing benefits is a 'guessing game'

Source: Closing the Gap, Chapter 2, The Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 4th Annual, 2016

For you: Service and tools for getting critical insights

ADP® provides benefits administration for 1 in 8 people in the United States who receive healthcare coverage through an employer. This means that we can provide insights and benchmarking to help you measure how well you are doing, execute on your benefits strategy for continuous improvement and become more competitive in your industry marketspace.

Here's how we can help large businesses:

  • For large businesses, our proprietary ADP AE Snapshot™ tool delivers critical employee metrics regarding the decisions, enrollment preferences and, ultimately, the engagement of different employees and employee populations
  • Our complimentary ADP AE 365™ service leverages critical insights gained from AE Snapshot and works with you to deliver a whole year’s focus on preparing for annual enrollment, helping you to continuously improve the performance of your benefits and the outcomes for everyone

For your workforce: Information to make sound decisions

When it comes to understanding what they're choosing, your workers need all the help they can get to prevent wondering if they have benefits coverage that meets their family's needs, or worse: they have spent more than necessary on their healthcare choices.

With our new proprietary PlanFit tool*, employees can easily see the plan choices best suited to their family’s needs. ADP offers your employees:

  • Ranking through PlanFit — Personalized ranking of plans best suited to the needs of their family
  • Clarity — Plan comparisons that are simple and easy to understand, so participants can more quickly grasp the features they’re evaluating
  • Information — Calculators for performing analyses of different plan or usage scenarios
  • Control — Features for fine-tuning plan selection preferences

*The PlanFit tool uses estimated yearly costs as part of its ranking. These estimated costs are for illustrative purposes, based on commonly used services and assume in-network use; they may not reflect the employee’s actual costs.

Benefits insights and resources

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Seven must-haves of a benefits decision support tool


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