Simplify and streamline benefits with carrier integrations

Seamlessly and securely integrate ADP’s HCM solutions with top carriers to minimize errors, reduce the risk of costly oversights and get more time back in your day.

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Increase data accuracy and reduce risk

By streamlining and automating the exchange of crucial data, you’re reducing the risk of manual data-entry mistakes.

Save effort spent on administration

Automate setup, enrollment and billing so your team will no longer have to spend time manually entering plan information.

Reduce setup time

Your employees’ enrollments and changes are automatically done by the carrier — meaning no more manual input from your team.

Save time, minimize errors through integrations with top carriers

We work with more than 900 insurance companies, financial institutions and other organizations, including today’s leading carriers.

Save time and effort with API integrations

Make benefits administration easier than ever before

Carrier integrations through ADP’s HCM solutions shorten implementation, give real-time enrollment updates and free you from implementation fees.

  • Plan Setup – Automate setup of plans, including policy data, rates, eligibility, waiting periods and risk rules.
  • Employee Enrollment – Keep your employees protected with real-time member data exchange covering enrollment, eligibility and life event changes.
  • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) – Get rid of paperwork and automate return decision and payroll deductions by allowing employees to digitally complete EOI during enrollment.

ADP HCM Integrations

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Frequently asked questions

How do APIs work?

An application programming interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. It’s the fastest and most secure type of integration. Clients use ADP APIs to develop integration solutions, to connect simply and securely, and to automatically share data between their HR solutions and ADP.

What differentiates digital EOI integration?

Digital First. No More Paper. Employees can quickly apply for life insurance above basic coverage on your carrier’s website during open enrollment or when recruiting new hires. Mobile app or website enrollment. Anytime. Anywhere. No More Paper.

Saves Time. ADP offers digital enrollment by API or EDI. As an employer, your plan setup, enrollment, eligibility changes, and employee EOI applications are integrated in real-time. This saves you hours of manual work and improves accuracy. No more duplicate entries and manual updates to carrier websites.

Easy. Take the work out of managing benefits. Employers have a digital dashboard that shows the number of employee applications approved, denied, or pending. Your HR team no longer has to track down, manually enter, store, and follow up on old-fashioned paperwork.

Automates. Payroll deductions start automatically. Reduces time spent on insurance carrier list bill reconciliation. Reduces manual paperwork reconciliation. Reduces error-prone processes and maintains accurate electronic enrollment data in case of unexpected employee or spouse death.

How long does integration configuration typically take?

Setting up manual file feeds can take six to eight weeks. Depending on the ADP Platform, Plan Design, EOI API and Enrollment APIs in partnership with one of ADP’s Strategic Carrier Partners, can be set up in half the time.

Who are these integrations for?

Evidence of Insurability integrations are available for all ADP Health and Welfare Service Engine, ADP Vantage HCM®, Lifion, OBA/Benmark and ADP Workforce Now® benefits clients that have at least one strategic carrier partner relationship.

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