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ADP vs. Dayforce

See why ADP's all-in-one, cloud-based solution beats out Dayforce.

See how ADP stacks up against Dayforce

When comparing ADP to Dayforce, you'll find an All-in-One cloud based HCM platform. But here's how ADP Workforce Now is simply better.

Optimize your investment with an award-winning, all-in-one HR suite

Annual R&D Investment2 $1.21B $210M
Global payroll countries 140 60
Industry-leading marketplace for third party integrations, offering single sign-on, single data input and single billing3 offered not offered
Best-of-breed marketplace partners 800+ Partners 63
Instant access to secure APIs, tools, and resources for IT teams and developers offered not offered
“Top HR Product” Awards4 8 2
Years positioned as Leader in Multi-Process Human Resources Outsourcing PEAK by Everest Group5 11 0
Years positioned as Leader in Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK by Everest Group6 10 0

Analytics and insights trusted by the world
Build a stronger workforce to create better business outcomes

Native and robust reporting and analytics offered not offered
Unmatched native benchmarking and intelligence informed by 41M+ employees & over 1,000,000 clients for salary, overtime, turnover and organizational structure7 offered not offered
Diversity, equity & inclusion analytics with a simple Q&A format, and breakdowns by ethnicity, age, gender, disability or veteran status offered not offered
Number of Clients 1M+ 6,393
Executive & manager insights: overtime, turnover risk and more delivered right to your mobile phone offered not offered

Managed services

U.S.-based account service team with subject matter expertise designated to your business offered not offeredOff-shore pod service model
Managed Services & HR outsourcing (payroll, HR and benefits) offered not offeredNo Managed HR
No-fee, in-house strategic advisory services8 offered not offered
Employee solution center: phone support to counsel employees offered not offered
In-house implementation team and process for 100% of clients offered not offeredMainly 3rd party implementers

Employee experience and engagement
Helps you get the most from your team

Personalized lifestyle benefits: Employees choose from 150+ services that fit their lifestyle needs offered not offered
Personalized benefit decision support: Health & lifestyle preferences help create a best-fit recommendation offered offered
Top ranked business mobile app9 #6 #61
Top ranked business mobile app9 4.7/5
based on 3.4 million reviews
based on 357 thousand reviews


Service designed to get it right from implementation to optimization

ADP has extensive experience moving clients from Dayforce to ADP Workforce Now

We understand your needs upfront, provide an additional layer of support and provide continuous optimization of your HCM solution and organizational process refinement. Our goal is to enable you to achieve the business outcomes you intended to achieve when you invested in your HCM technology.

  • Data – migrate up to five years of historical data which includes check history, and ACA history into your HCM system.
  • Configuration and process optimization – dedicated ADP Technical Advisor on HCM product and processes to help ensure the system is optimally configured to fit your specific needs.
  • Tailored solution coaching – includes consultation and coaching on effective techniques and workflows, how-to advice to help employees and managers utilize the HCM system efficiently, and practitioner mentoring and support.
  • Ongoing dedicated support – Our client success-based delivery model with deep HR, payroll, time, benefits and talent knowledge delivers a premier client experience.

Why ADP is the leading choice over Dayforce


A comprehensive collection of third-party integrations

Easily connect ADP Workforce Now with popular HR business solutions to automate processes and improve efficiency. Through ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront, you can try, buy and implement solutions for recruiting and onboarding, benefits administration, financial wellness offerings, learning management and more — all connected to ADP. Plus, ADP HCM solutions integrate seamlessly with leading accounting software, ERPs and more. Learn more about available integrations here.

Client Success Model

Dedicated partnership committed to lasting success

With ADP Workforce Now, you get in-house implementation support right from the start. Our implementation specialists help you streamline processes and configure your solution to your unique needs. Once implemented, you’ll have a dedicated client service team to support you day-to-day and a Client Success Executive focused on tracking our performance and helping you achieve your long-term goals. With 75 years of experience, you can lean on our deep industry knowledge to help you navigate challenges that come your way.

Unlike ADP, the Dayforce model offers off-shore service mixed with self-service implementation using Dayforce Activate.


Flexible pricing that can work for you

We know HR decision makers are faced with limited budgets and looking to prove ROI quickly. That's why ADP Workforce Now offers flexible options including unlimited monthly payroll runs with per employee per month pricing. See about our tiered packages to see which plan fits your business best.

Dayforce also offers a variety of plans.


Manage payroll in just a few clicks

Midsized and enterprise businesses need confidence that their payroll software is reliable, robust and intuitive for all users. ADP’s advanced solution automates payroll and allows for secure viewing of employee-level payroll and tax information from any device, anywhere. And with multi-state and global payroll capabilities, freelance and independent contractor pay abilities, and our native paycard, Wisely, ADP has the tools you need to continuously evolve.

Dayforce offers managed payroll and benefits services. Managed HR services are not currently offered by Dayforce.

HR Tools

Intuitive, advanced technology

From online recruitment with ZipRecruiter to background checks for prospective hires, ADP has the modern, intuitive solutions midsized and enterprise businesses depend on. Our top-rated mobile app puts the tools you need at your fingertips.

Dayforce has less widely adopted mobile app. We are currently equally rated, at 4.7 stars, although Dayforce has 2.7 million fewer reviews.

Analytics and Reporting

Find valuable insights hidden in your people data

With ADP configurable dashboards and guided analytics experience, identify potential issues in key areas such as overtime, turnover, compensation and more. Run reports quickly and get a single view of your workforce data. Choose from multiple prepackaged reports and visual dashboards or easily create a custom view. Pull in data across multiple HR platforms without ever leaving your screen with ADP's unique and simple drag-and-drop reporting tool.

See how you measure up to others with the industry’s largest workforce dataset

Unlike survey-based benchmarks, ADP DataCloud provides access to real, up-to-date, aggregated and anonymized data from ADP’s U.S. client base of 38 million+ employees. This dataset covers a range of more than 30 different pay and HR metrics

Learn how ADP can help organizations better understand their workforce and drive business outcomes.

Dayforce does not have native benchmarking powered by over 1,000,000 clients and 41+ million people records.

Top FAQs about ADP vs. Dayforce

Why choose ADP over Dayforce?

Aligning and executing the overall needs of a business requires an integrated approach. Through our unique combination of innovation, data, and service, ADP turns information and insights into action — helping you cut through the noise and lead with truth and conviction. We deliver unmatched data insights that reveal critical business intelligence, patterns and trends, so you'll be ready to pivot for what comes next. With one source for all your payroll and HR data, our single-database solution can help your team quickly make sound decisions. Connect seamlessly to your existing tools and partners or discover and purchase new best-in-class integrated solutions in the ADP Marketplace. And with our client success model that aligns with your business goals, we're accountable and invested in your growth and performance.

Is it easy to switch to ADP from Dayforce?

Switching to ADP is a breeze because we can support your switch at any time. You won't have to wait for a quarter or year-end to access the benefits of ADP. If you’re already processing payroll, having your employee data and required documents prepared will help ensure a smooth and rapid transition. To learn more, check out our helpful guidebook: Switching Payroll Providers Made Easy.

What services are included in ADP pricing?

ADP offers several flexible options depending on your company's size as well as its payroll and HR requirements, so you only pay for the plan you need. Compare packages to see which services and features fit your organization best.

What kind of customer support does ADP offer?

You can rely on ADP's fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives to support implementation and beyond. We provide live and online support including direct access to certified service professionals Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in your local time zone. We also offer 24/7 access to our exclusive online client community to network and connect with over 50,000 ADP clients and our expert moderators.

Comparing us to the rest?

Get your complimentary plan and investment lineup review.

Are you a current ADP client?

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  1. As of April 24, 2024 and is subject to change.
  2. R&D spend in 2023
  3. Dayforce does not offer single sign-on, single data input and single billing.
  4. "Top HR Product" industry awards from Human Resources Executive received 2015–2023:
  5. Leader Multi-Process Human Resources Outsourcing (2012–2023; 12 consecutive years) PEAK by Everest Group
  6. Leader Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions (2013–2023) PEAK by Everest Group
  7. Dayforce offers system dashboards and measures that provide analytics using the Microsoft Power BI engine.
  8. Applicable for businesses with 1,000+ employees
  9. Based on rankings on the Apple App Store as of April 24, 2024

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