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Whether your clients utilize 1099 workers or are independent contractors themselves, we have solutions that can help them save time, support compliance and streamline manual tasks.

1099 workforce management and tax compliance made easy
Estimated taxes

Want to make it simple for your clients to pay their federal quarterly estimated taxes?

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Contractor management

Do you have clients who want to streamline operations and mitigate risk as they grow an independent contractor workforce?

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Simplify your clients’ federal estimated quarterly tax payments

Maintaining tax compliance can be challenging for independent contractors. Make their life easier with ADP MyTax, a free tool that supports the collection and payment of federal quarterly estimated taxes. It can help your clients:

  • Improve financial well-being – Independent contractors can choose an automated schedule – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and more – to set aside income for quarterly estimated taxes. ADP MyTax will then pay the IRS on their behalf, helping them avoid missed or late payments and penalties.
  • Save time – With the peace of mind provided by ADP MyTax, your clients can spend more time running their business and less time preparing taxes.
  • Reduce tax surprises – ADP MyTax helps make tax payments bite-size, so there’s less chance a large balance will be due to the IRS at year’s end.

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Unleash the power of an independent contractor workforce

Manually tracking and managing a growing workforce of independent contractors can be a recipe for inefficiency and compliance headaches. The solution is WorkMarket by ADP, an all-in-one independent contractor management system that helps automate workflows, from onboarding to paying workers.

Mitigate compliance risks with best practices

The laws and regulations that govern engagements with independent contractors frequently shift and evolve. In this high stakes environment, WorkMarket by ADP can help your clients mitigate risk by performing the following:

  • Furnish and electronically file 1099-NEC forms with the IRS and applicable state agencies
  • Verify US worker tax IDs and capture W-9s to help ensure accurate, year-end tax reporting
  • Produce an invoice audit trail for every transaction
  • Withhold non-statutory deductions,* such as rent and insurance, as well as child support garnishments from contractor pay

* The term “non-statutory deductions” is used solely for ease of reference and its use is not meant to indicate or imply an employer/employee relationship. WorkMarket does not handle garnishment withholding calculations, remittance to agencies, or agency reporting.

Scale processes and drive productivity

Your clients might rely on independent contractors to meet growing customer demand, but they can’t afford to increase administrative burdens as a result. WorkMarket by ADP makes it possible for them to efficiently handle higher volumes of work, including:

  • Service customers faster by quickly matching the right worker with the right job
  • Onboard and verify workers at scale through automated workflows
  • Communicate with contractors and track their hours and deliverables in real time
  • Pay workers quickly and efficiently around the globe

Gain the visibility to make more strategic decisions

Managing an independent contractor workforce requires real-time access to worker and assignment information, critical insights on spending, and answers to resourcing questions. This level of visibility is attainable with WorkMarket by ADP, which provides a centralized system where your clients can:

  • View real-time contractor spend and usage data to make strategic business decisions
  • Track work assignments from a single dashboard and identify the ones that need attention
  • Monitor worker progressions throughout the onboarding and assignment fulfillment process to meet service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Review workers’ backgrounds, credentials, certifications, tests and skills to find the right workers for the right jobs

Improve the bottom line

Cost is likely top of mind for many of your clients. WorkMarket can help them curb wasteful spending by streamlining outdated, manual methods of onboarding and paying workers. Using the solution, they can:

  • Minimize manual errors by automating contractor management workstreams
  • Lessen administrative burdens for finance teams thanks to automated invoicing and payment workflows
  • Reduce costs associated with managing contractors and focus more attention on revenue generating activities

Build a strong bench of contractor talent

Independent contractors usually want to start work quickly and get paid just as fast. WorkMarket can help your clients meet these expectations and attract and retain qualified talent. It features:

  • Flexible payment options that are quick and on time
  • Intuitive self-onboarding experience for workers
  • Branded recruiting tools to showcase the opportunities clients have to offer
  • A mobile app for contractors to manage funds and work assignments on the go

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