Ewing Irrigation, the largest family-owned irrigation distributor in the country, values the importance of providing their customers with a great environment – not only in their own backyards, but when they visit Ewing Irrigation locations. When they discovered that their company growth was accompanied by high turnover rates, which affected employee engagement as well as customer experience, they were determined to find a solution. Discover how ADP® DataCloud helped to minimize their growing pains and reduce their turnover and retention challenges.

We saved about $750,000 just as a result of the reduction in turnover that first year. It allows us to invest into other things to help us grow, and as we continue to reduce turnover, the cost savings year over year will be over $1 million.

JR Richards

JR Richards, Executive Vice President of Talent Resources
Ewing Irrigation


  • High turnover and overtime rates, which negatively affected employee engagement.
  • Not having the data and benchmarking abilities to better understand and overcome their workforce challenges.

How ADP helped

  • ADP DataCloud helped Ewing Irrigation identify where and why turnover was occurring, and with a new understanding and approach based on this information, turnover was reduced by six percent in one year.
  • Benchmarking capabilities provided transparency into the market regarding compensation, allowing them to make adjustments to be more competitive.