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Craig Cohen

Craig Cohen 

Craig Cohen is the general manager of ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront offering a growing ecosystem of HR apps to help business better manager their people and processes. Some articles may have been contributed by ADP Marketplace partners

Latest Articles  by  Craig Cohen 

health and safety during COVID-19

Trends and Innovation

HR Technology's Influence on Today's Health Benefits

African-American woman sitting on couch on video conference call

Compensation and Benefits

Top 6 Resolutions for 2021: New Year's Tips for HR Experts

COVID-19 Testing

state and local

Taking the Guesswork Out of COVID-19 Testing

back of head view of a group of college students at graduation

Compensation and Benefits

The Gift of College Breakthrough: A Three-Prong Workplace Revolution

Sunnyhill Non-profit

Trends and Innovation

Workplace Payday Advance Helps Deliver a Competitive Talent Edge

employee communications channel

Company Policy

Contractor Easily Delivers Critical Messaging to Employees Via Mobile Tool

woman working from home

Small Business

How Employers Can Use Student Loan Assistance to Engage Remote Workers and Those Returning to Work

female hand pointing at tablet

Trends and Innovation

Build a Custom HR Management Solution from Your Desktop

Finding the right talent

Trends and Innovation

How a Mid-sized Business is Making Sense of Over 6,000 Resumes with an Integrated ATS

Learning Management System word cloud

Learning and Development

A Comprehensive Learning Management Strategy Can Raise the Bar for Nonprofits

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