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ADP® Next Gen HCM

Our next generation HCM platform is designed for how people really work today — and its scalable model is built to keep you successful tomorrow.

What makes Next Gen HCM different

Empowering experiences to everyone, trusted insights and guidance for informed decisions, and adaptable technology so your organization can continuously evolve.

All work is team work

ADP's Next Gen HCM is designed for how teams work — helping you break down silos, improve engagement and performance, and create a culture of connection.

  • Workers on teams are 2.6x more likely to be fully engaged.
  • 53% of survey respondents saw "significant improvement in performance" from the transition to a team/network-based organization.

Making quality decisions requires quality data

Data-driven insights in the flow of work can help executives and team leaders make better decisions.

  • Largest, most accurate HCM data set
  • Semantic search
  • People analytics & benchmarking platform
  • Embedded insights shared in the natural flow of work

Powering rapid innovation

Seize new business opportunities with a global tech platform designed to rapidly adapt, scale and add new capabilities to support your changing needs.

  • AWS partner network
  • Advanced technology partner

ADP Next Gen HCM Capabilities

Modern, personalized tools to help everyone in your organization quickly and confidently do their best work.

Single, global experience across all your teams

Built from the ground up to be a global, flexible platform to support teams and team leaders.

  • 62% of the countries in the world are supported by the 13 languages in ADP Next Gen HCM.

Innovative payroll from the industry leader

Simplifies and helps ensure accurate sourcing, managing, and delivery of payroll services in multiple currencies for global employee populations.

  • 78% of employers agree that companies will need to customize payment options to remain competitive in the war for talent.1

Create a sense of connection among your people and teams

Recruit and activate talent by enabling managers to invigorate, inform and inspire their teams.

Power performance

Effectively manage workers' time — and time off — while improving productivity by gaining insight into scheduling dynamics and cost of labor.

Organizations with automated scheduling report nearly 2x greater increase in revenue per employee than those that don't automate.2

Care for your people

Reduce the benefits administration workload, improve employee engagement, and increase plan adoption.

Every year for the past five years, about one-third of organizations have increased their benefits offerings. As a result, the average organization now offers more than 20 distinct benefits.3

Activate your insights

Insights derived globally from

  • 740k+ ADP clients in database
  • 2,400 normalized job types
  • 30m+ unique employee HR records

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¹ ADP Research Institute: Evolution of Pay Report, 2019

² Aptitude Research Partners, June 2020

³ Know Which Benefits Your Employees Care About, Gartner 2020