The future of payroll & HR is powered by AI

At ADP, we approach artificial intelligence (AI) as we do with any other emerging technology: through data-driven insights, human-centric design and a commitment to ethics and transparency. Read more about how we’re using AI to develop solutions that transform the way we work.

Easier, smarter, more human

Our AI approach

We're continually discovering new ways to harness the power of generative AI, natural language processing, machine learning (ML) and more to build responsible payroll and HR innovations for our clients.

How we put data into action

With the industry’s largest workforce dataset, we’re continually identifying new ways to turn our data into outcomes that drive impact.

Introducing ADP Assist, your strategic HR advantage

ADP Assist, our cross-platform solution, combines the industry’s largest, deepest HR dataset with cutting-edge generative AI to create an HCM experience that's easy, smart and human.

Powered by insights from 1 million clients across 140 countries and 41 million wage earners, ADP Assist delivers the right information, powered by the right data, right when you need it.

  • Easy payroll
  • Smart analytics
  • Human insights
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chat window showing ADP Assist comparing the user's current payroll to the last

Our commitment to operationalizing AI responsibly

At ADP, we prioritize ethical and transparent use of AI and ML technologies, with rigorous oversight mechanisms and an emphasis on mitigating bias and ensuring diverse perspectives in our technology development.

Read our approach to Responsible AI


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