HR Technology's Influence on Today's Health Benefits

health and safety during COVID-19

Help employees feel safer and healthier with quick access to medical advice, mental health resources and COVID-19 testing.

The way we work has evolved rapidly since the start of the COVID-19 global health event, with many employees working remotely and facing new challenges that affect their physical and mental health. These circumstances have opened doors for new technology that can help keep employees safe and healthy. Your people are your top priority, and these innovations offer more choices to help take care of them.

Your workers' health can impact your organization in lasting ways when it comes to engagement, productivity and your bottom line. Consider these statistics:

  • Poor health costs U.S. employers $530 billion annually, between wages and benefits, workers' compensation, performance and opportunity costs of absence.

  • 44 percent of employees surveyed have deferred medical care during the COVID-19 global health event.

The good news: You can help maintain workers' health and increase productivity -— today and in the long term — by offering safe and quick access to medical appointments, mental health counseling and COVID-19 testing. Seventy-nine percent of employees who used virtual health services in 2020 say their visits were equally as good as in-person care.

HR tech's influence on today's health benefits ADP Marketplace

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