Your Guide to a Successful HCM Vendor Selection

Evaluating human capital management (HCM) systems is a complex task, but there are five internal business considerations that can help you simplify your purchase. With this knowledge, you’ll be better able to choose the type of HCM that best suits your organization’s needs.

Without it, you may have a difficult decision to make. A unified HCM system that brings together all services under one provider might fit your current budget, but perhaps a best-of-breed option using applications from different vendors better prepares you for the future.

To strategically evaluate HCM systems, you must first consider organizational impact. Define your business objectives and the HCM challenges related to achieving them. Then, determine what impact not reaching those goals will have on your organization. This exercise will clearly establish a desired outcome for your project and guide the decision-making process.

For more key internal business considerations to help you navigate the HCM buying process, download Preparing to Evaluate HCM Solutions.

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