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Find the best-fit HCM for your organization

Need help choosing the right HCM solution? Check out these guides to understand the buying process and what to look for in a provider.

Choosing a new HCM partner?

The decision to research and evaluate a human capital management (HCM) solution for your organization is a big step. Cut the complexity from the evaluation process with our decision toolkit.

Stakeholder priorities

Before you choose the features you want from your next HCM platform, highlight the challenges of your current solution and define your ideal scenarios. Once you’ve documented these issues, you'll need to secure key stakeholder buy-in. See our guide to driving consensus and learn:

  • How to gain an understanding of stakeholder needs
  • Which questions to ask to ensure HCM solutions meet HR and business goals
  • Which questions to ask to meet technology and data security requirements
  • How to navigate budget, procurement and compliance considerations
Aligning your team during the HCM evaluation process

Stakeholder priorities: Aligning your team during the HCM evaluation process

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Ask the right questions

How do you choose from the HCM solutions in the marketplace when many of them offer similar capabilities? Look for vendors who have developed scalable global solutions that allow for personalization of HR tools, more effective team collaboration, and data analytics to drive strategic business growth. Make a confident decision with our guide, which includes:

  • Functional requirements that should be included with a modern HCM solution
  • Best practices for HCM analytics to look for
  • Questions to ask about service for a smooth implementation and ongoing support
Ask the right questions: 10 tips for HCM vendor evaluation

Ask the right questions: 10 tips for HCM vendor evaluation

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HCM requirements

Once you’ve identified how your organization’s key challenges are holding you back, as well as the areas of opportunity that you’d like to address, you can start exploring how a new approach to HCM can help solve those problems and support your growth goals. Our checklist includes criteria for common growth and challenge areas for enterprise-level organizations and corresponding HCM features you can leverage in these areas.

HCM requirements building checklist

Checklist: Build your HCM technology, strategy and business requirements

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Build a business case

An innovative HCM solution supports your business strategy and helps your employees to be more successful, ultimately growing your business.

When it’s time to build a business case for this new investment, follow this step-by-step template to deliver your compelling case to your leaders, key decision makers and colleagues.

Human capital management: Evaluation business case template

Make your business case: PowerPoint® template for HCM purchase

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Create your shortlist

Now it's time to determine which HCM vendor can check all of the boxes for the technical and functional requirements your organization needs. As you create your shortlist, be sure to look for a partner that goes beyond technical consulting and support and truly provides subject matter expertise and advisory services to help you get the most out of your investment.

RFP template for HCM evaluation

Build your RFP: HCM RFP template – request for proposal

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Buyer's Guide

Dive deeper into the HCM buying process

Learn everything you need to know to find the right solution for your organization.

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