Building a requirements checklist for HCM systems

Your human capital management (HCM) strategy is critical to the success of your business. That’s why when evaluating HCM systems, you should ensure that they address all your challenges and needs.

The following are the most common business goals in evolving organizations and the corresponding HCM features, capabilities and technologies that can help achieve them. Use these criteria to evaluate solutions you're exploring or as a starting point to build and prioritize your own requirements list.

  • Increased profit and productivity
    At their core, HCM systems increase productivity by streamlining workflows, relieving administrative burden and elevating HR to a more strategic position in your organization.
  • Widespread technology adoption by all users
    Employees expect interfaces that mirror the mobile apps they use in everyday life and HCM vendors have the technology to deliver them.
  • Support for talent strategy
    HCM systems that help increase employee engagement enable you to more effectively align your talent to support business goals.

To see more, download our HCM Requirements Building Checklist.

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