Referring his clients to ADP since 2007

Randy Myers, CPA – Manager, PBMares, LLP

I can focus on our needs for the clients, business acquisitions, or the consulting that really is my specialty.

Randy Myers, CPA of the Williamsburg, Virginia location of PBMares, LLP, discusses why he has been referring his clients to ADP since 2007. He shares insight how he is able to concentrate on more strategic areas for his clients, such as acquisitions, consulting, etc. by allowing ADP to focus on the payroll-related needs of his clients. He talks about the ease-of-use of ADP's payroll solutions for small businesses, including the flexibility provided through mobile capability. Randy also addresses how ADP minimizes the payroll conversion effort required by either himself or his clients as ADP assumes the majority of responsibility. Further, he notes that once implemented, the personalized service, support and responsiveness provided to his clients by ADP, which also includes sharing timely information around the Affordable Care Act.

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