Accounting Professionals

Grow your business by delivering payroll, HR and compliance services for your clients with ADP. Learn more about our accounting professional partnerships.

New Accountant Partnerships
Call: 855-408-3751

Accountant Help Desk Service Number
Call: 1-844-ADP-4CPA or (1-844-237-4272)
Standard Hours: 8AM to 7PM EST

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Affiliations / Franchises

Strengthen the businesses in your network with ADP. Learn more about our affiliation / franchise partnerships.

New and Current Partnerships

Banking Professionals

Join the 60+ national and local financial institutions that partner with ADP to improve their relationships with their small business clients by helping them satisfy their payroll and human resource needs.

Learn more about our bank partnership programs

Brokers / Insurance Alliance

Add even more value to your clients’ success with ADP. Learn more about our insurance broker partnerships.

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Current Partnerships
ADP Partner Connect is an employee benefits advisor community that provides exclusive access to tools, resources and subject matter experts. If you are a benefits broker or benefits consultant, you might be interested in this complimentary service.

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Financial Advisors

Successfully expand your retirement plan business with ADP. Learn more about our financial advisor partnerships.

Current & New Partnerships
Call the Financial Advisor Sales & Support Desk: 844-237-3548
See sales and support contacts by region

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As a global leader in business outsourcing solutions, ADP recognizes that having a diverse supplier pool is a major competitive advantage and a powerful business tool. Learn more about our supplier diversity program.

Technology Providers

Combine your technology with ADP’s workforce. Learn more about our technology partnerships.

New Partnerships
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