Tom Hood, former CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs and current Exec. VP Business Growth & Development of the AICPA, discusses how ADP is helping the accounting profession to meet the fast-paced, ever-changing demands of the market and provide more strategic services to their clients. Tom is one of the most influential leaders of the accounting industry, a sought-after speaker whose mission is to help accountants become more #FutureReady and thrive in times of exponential change. The MACPA is an ADP client and Tom recommends ADP to his members and the nationwide accounting community.

The reason we think ADP makes a great strategic partner right now is because all of the new ways they’re working with our profession: analytics, data, insights, automation, and integrating a better human experience. ADP has the right people and the right technology to help CPAs be that value-added advisor.

Tom Hood, MACPA

Tom Hood, Exec. VP Business Growth & Development
Tom Hood, CPA