Processing Payroll with the Right Partner: Robert J. Iracane, CPA

Robert J. Iracane, CPA, processes his clients’ payroll using RUN Powered by ADP® Payroll for Partners to ensure his clients get the most exceptional service available. Robert discusses the benefits of using ADP’s industry-leading platform to process payroll for his clients.

We were working with an online [payroll] service that offered a special for one year. In hindsight, the aggravation far exceeded the money. We had a lot of problems … and really upset some of our clients. Then a couple of the ADP people came to see me. I was impressed with not only the product, but the people.

Robert Iracane , Owner , Robert J. Iracane, CPA

* Not all clients will experience the same results. ADP has not compensated any clients or individuals for the included testimonials.

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