A Buyer's Guide to Data-Driven HR

Smart organizations know that they need to use their HR data to do big, important things. They need to know what strategies are working – and what to do when they’re not. And they need actionable insight to make their workforces happier, smarter and more productive.

Smart HR teams also know that workforce data lets them prove their strategies are delivering real business results. But knowing you need to use HR data and knowing how to do it are very different things. To tackle data-driven HR there are few components you need to get right: You need to be able to gather and manage the right data, understand what it means in the context of your most important business goals, and then use it to improve processes and make better, data-driven decisions. Each one of these is as important as the other. They either work together in a virtuous circle of HR data harmony – or a vicious cycle of data frustration.

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