ADP Product Inclusion

At ADP, we are Always Designing for People – all people. We create products with that core principle in mind to help your business develop and maintain an inclusive workplace, from hire to retire.

ADP Product Inclusion
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Workforce News Minute: Innovation at work drives inclusive tech

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What does product inclusion mean at ADP?

Whether your business is large or small, inclusive practices can help improve your employees’ experience and your bottom line. That’s why we consider diverse perspectives from the moment we begin product innovation to the moment we bring a solution to market. It’s part of our commitment to help you create an inclusive workplace and stay competitive as the world of work evolves.

What goes into inclusive product design?

When designing and developing a new product feature or solution, ADP accounts for many factors, such as:

  • Diverse perspectives – We gather input from multiple sources – including ADP associates, client advisory groups and individuals and organizations in the communities we serve – to ensure we consider different points of view.
  • Data governance – We carefully assess what data we collect and how that data should be used. Learn more about governance at ADP
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) ethics – We continually monitor and improve our AI models and systems to address bias in machine learning. Learn more about AI ethics at ADP
  • Accessibility – We strive to ensure our products and services are available to all our users by embedding accessibility throughout the product lifecycle. Learn more about accessibility at ADP
  • Inclusive language – Whether it’s in our coding, our in-product language or in communications about our solutions, we understand that the words we choose should be inclusive of all people.
Workforce News Minute

Workforce News Minute: How to design inclusive tech

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Inclusive features in ADP solutions

ADP offers solutions that can help your organization become an inclusive place where everyone feels like they belong. In fact, inclusion is an essential element of our product suite.

The stories behind ADP Product Inclusion

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