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Collect feedback throughout the employee lifecycle and make more informed decisions to help your people feel valued and connected to their work.

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ADP Voice of the Employee – Gather Feedback to Build Better Connections!

Build lasting connections with your people

Creating an environment where employees feel valued and connected to their work can lead to greater resiliency, engagement and productivity. And it all starts with listening to what they have to say.

ADP Voice of the Employee makes it easier than ever to collect workforce feedback and act on it. Unlike some traditional engagement surveys, ours provides research-reviewed and scientifically validated templates so you can be confident you’re asking questions that generate trustworthy data. The questionnaires are quick to configure and deploy directly from your ADP HR solution.

Gather and understand employee feedback in less time

Gain valuable insight into employee experiences without having to spend time creating surveys from scratch or figuring out how to send them at the appropriate moments. ADP Voice of the Employee makes it easy for you to:

  • Access scientifically validated survey templates, co-developed with the ADP Research Institute, so you can ask your employees the types of questions that result in meaningful data
  • Configure surveys and collect feedback throughout the employee lifecycle – from onboarding and health and wellbeing to exit surveys and beyond
  • Automate deployment and send surveys to audiences based on organizational priorities, triggers or key moments in the employee lifecycle without costly integrations or time-consuming data imports/exports
  • Create custom audiences for your surveys based on employee criteria that automatically update as employees move in and out of the criteria

Make informed decisions backed by powerful analytics

Turn your survey results into actionable items that drive change, process improvements and better business outcomes. With ADP Voice of the Employee, you can:

  • Gain a better understanding of what your employees need to be successful – both professionally and personally
  • Identify opportunities to improve your employees’ experiences and day-to-day work
  • Monitor trends in employee sentiment over time by department or location
  • Benchmark survey results against local, global or industry peers
  • Understand and explore survey results and HR data when you want, how you want

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Employee experience


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*2022 survey of 548 ADP Workforce clients

1 Average reduction in voluntary turnover costs for 100+ mid-market users of ADP analytics seeing a decrease in turnover Q2 2023 vs. Q2 2022 (45% of sample)