The ADP systems have been user friendly, with clear support, communication and setup. Without ADP’s data capabilities, there's no way we would see the success that we've had.

Insight Enterprises is a Fortune 500 company and global provider of IT hardware, software and service solutions. Fully 86 percent of Insight employees say the company earned the Great Place to Work-CertifiedTM distinction because of how the corporate culture breeds environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices, including supporting a diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) workplace.

Learn why this inspiring organization won the ADP® Humanity at Work award, and how partnering with ADP helped Insight foster this inclusive environment with tools like ADP Vantage HCM® and ADP Mobile.

Sarah Mpenza, Manager of Diversity Leadership and Organizational Development
Insight Enterprises


  • IT solutions provider Insight needed greater transparency into their teammate population so they could more efficiently and effectively track their diversity programs and efforts.

How ADP helped

  • ADP’s Vantage HCM and DataCloud platform provided real time connectivity to track and monitor Insight’s D&I programs and give employees independence to manage their own benefits.



Sarah Mpenza, Manager of Diversity Leadership and Organizational Development
Z Tinoco, Senior Diversity Leadership and Organizational Specialist

Cultivating diversity and inclusion (D&I)

Z: We need to have a collective of voices, experiences and backgrounds to make sure that we're a reflection of the world that we live in today. And that also feeds into how we deal with our clients' problems and their issues in the workforce and how technology can bring that for them.

When COVID hit, it was a challenge to continue having that connection and building that community while working remotely. I think our team did an amazing job, leaning into our values to make sure that we care for each other.

Sarah: We were already in the habit of working harmoniously and valuing each other. Those are competencies that became so much more important when we weren't seeing each other face-to-face. Having this culture really allowed us to work through this pandemic as successfully as we did.

D&I has been important for Insight for a long time. We don't create the culture. We cultivate the culture, and we curate it. So, it's like we provide the soil, we provide the sun, we provide the water for that culture to grow. One lesson that I would give to any organization when it comes to diversity inclusion, it is listen. They will tell you what they need.

Promoting productivity and well being

Sarah: When a teammate feels valued and included, they feel psychologically safe inside their team to share their opinions and to take risks. They feel the difference they bring is valued, yet they also feel similarities within their team. They feel accepted in the team, and they feel that they're all aligned to a common goal. These are the drivers of innovation, and these are the drivers of new products. That's the reason why my department exists, we want to help all of our teammates understand, how can they lead their groups inclusively?

We also benchmark our organization and our D&I practice, and we measure who we’re hiring in ADP’s DataCloud platform. We want to make sure that we are offering the opportunity to as many people as possible and that we've removed bias from that selection process.

Collaborating with ADP

Z: We have access to ADP DataCloud’s DE&I dashboard, and we can’t wait to see how this tool will help us gain a better picture of our DE&I demographics and initiatives, where we stand and how we can better serve our teammates.

It's extremely important that we select the right partners that have the similar values to ours in order for it to be a consistent message across the board, but more than anything, to continue to support the D&I initiatives that we strongly believe in.

ADP has been able to make real time adjustments and has been really responsive to make sure that our teammate experience has been seamless.

Sarah: The ADP systems have been user friendly, with clear support, communication and setup. Without ADP’s data capabilities, there's no way we would see the success that we've had.

I love the ADP mobile app. That self-service option made a huge impact in our work environment. Teammates can make their own changes, and that takes out the need to go to somebody else in the organization. The more that we can automate these processes, the more that we can help our teammates to find their own solutions and the better it is for everyone.

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