Zahir Palanpur loves building technologies that builds businesses. So, in 2006, he founded Azul Arc, a digital product development and design company that helps launch entrepreneurial companies built around transformative technologies.

What I like about ADP is that the technology platform is all tied into my payroll, so everything happens automatically. They pull the money out, they make adjustments based on the employee profile, and they send the deductions and tax documents to the right agencies.

Zahir Palanpur Azul Arc

Zahir Palanpur, Owner
Azul Arc

Business Challenge:

  • A busy entrepreneur, launching a tech startup with no HR department, didn’t have time to focus on payroll and benefits.

How ADP Helped:

  • RUN Powered by ADP® and Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency (ADPIA®) helps his startup operate like an established company, without eating up his time and attention.