Efficiencies are always top of mind for Cognizant, and that’s why they turned to ADP for their tax incentive needs. Discover how ADP helped Cognizant effectively manage their economic development incentives, freeing up the time and resources for the organization to focus on their future goals.

Since we’ve been working ADP, we've never missed a deadline. And that's meant that we've been able to secure and receive the investments that we've worked really hard to apply for with the states. In turn, those dollars have gone directly back into our workforce investments, which are resulting in some really good, successful programs that lead to great talent, which fuels the business.


Eric Westphal, Senior Director of Global Corporate Affairs

Business Challenge: Managing the strict and complex economic development incentive requirements on both a state and local level.

How ADP Helped: The ADP SmartCompliance® Tax Credits modules provided intuitive and easy-to-use reporting tools helping ensure that Cognizant was meeting all filing deadlines and were able to secure the incentives available to them.