As a member of the world-traveling band Stellar Kart, Cody Pellerin always checked out the best coffeeshops, restaurants and cocktail lounges in every city he played. After he hung up his guitar, Cody decided to open a coffeeshop that combined the best of American and European traditions, offering craft coffee drinks and cocktails and artisanal foods. He also drew upon his experience in the corporate world to build a business plan that would keep every aspect of his venture running efficiently.

If I had to hire someone to do all this for me, it would be costing me a fortune. There’s so much that can go wrong when it comes to payroll, there’s no good reason to try to do it yourself. I would tell anyone starting their own business that they absolutely have to hire ADP.

Cody Pellerin

Cody Pellerin, Owner
Americano Lounge

Business Challenge: How to open, staff and run a coffeeshop as efficiently as a Fortune 50 business

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