Workforce management

Tools to help you get the best from your people.

Take on the challenges of managing today's modern workforce

Large businesses have workers spread across state and national borders. Companies are challenged to not only manage ever-changing teams, but to include hard-to-track gig workers too – all while addressing a variety of regulatory requirements in the places they do business. ADP® can help.

Leverage ADP’s advanced HCM platform to:

  • See the types of employees you have (full-time, part-time, freelance) and how they're deployed
  • Monitor labor costs and time, and use that data to help predict future needs
  • Optimize employee calendars, connecting work schedules with traffic, peak flows and specific talent requirements
  • Set up notifications to flag changes and help avoid unplanned costs like overtime

Scheduling made easy

ADP helped Victra optimize workforce deployment of 6,000 employees across 1,040 locations

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Meet the needs of today's largest working population

Today's young workers have very different expectations of work. They seek flexibility in scheduling and want roles that align with their personal goals. ADP can help you meet their needs with:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility into workforce skills
  • Powerful tools for managing schedules and diverse sets of workers
  • Data and analytics around employee deployment
  • Alerts and notifications to help you prevent overtime and control costs
  • Integration with payroll processing

Mobile tools for today’s agile employee — and employer

We all rely on our smartphones. With ADP's mobile app, employees up and down your org chart will benefit every day from a suite of tools and resources.

For employees

  • Clock in and out of work
  • Shift-swap with other employees
  • Submit time off requests
  • Track pay statements and W-2s
  • Manage benefit information

For team leaders

  • Approve timesheets and time off requests
  • View and edit team schedules and calendars
  • Real-time notifications for strategic decision making and budget management
  • Access worker profiles

Take the complexity out of workforce compliance

With offices in different states and countries, keeping up with ever-changing regulations can be very time consuming. ADP has local regulatory experience across the globe. We can help:

  • Reduce potentially costly errors through automation
  • Monitor against union time and labor violations
  • Simplify overtime and FLSA compliance
  • Reduce the risk of fines and reputational damage due to compliance issues
  • Improve time and labor reporting to address compliance requirements
  • Configure work and pay rules to help you maintain compliance with internal policies and labor laws

Leverage data-driven insights to stay ahead of challenges

Data is the cornerstone of ADP’s Human Capital Management platform. By bringing together workforce data and providing tools for analysis, we can help you find insights to improve operational decision making.

With ADP you can:

  • Audit and plan for actual, predicted and controllable overtimes
  • Measure actual vs. scheduled hours
  • Review absence and leave hours
  • Conduct labor forecasting and budgeting
  • Explore industry benchmarking against over 90,000 anonymized, de-identified and aggregated businesses worldwide

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