HCM Managed Services

HCM managed services

Experience unmatched service and administration, proven best practices and standard operating procedures that can help improve the way you work and make your business more resilient.

Where others merely promise HCM managed services, ADP delivers

ADP HCM Managed Services is a fully integrated solution for managing your end-to-end HR, payroll and taxes, talent, benefits, and time and labor responsibilities so you can focus on strategic growth. Our specialists will effectively become an extension of your team and provide dedicated expertise and deep-industry insights into all things human capital management. We can also help you optimize processes and meet your organization’s strategic talent management goals. This type of support is especially critical in an era where keeping or replacing valuable employees has become challenging, if not impossible.

HCM managed services
No matter how your needs evolve, our people and full suite of scalable HCM solutions are here to support you with best practices every step of the way.

Advance your business with ADP’s flexible HCM managed services

Free yourself from the daily grind

ADP HCM Managed Services will handle all or most administrative duties on your behalf, including:

  • Recruitment to onboarding
  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Workforce management
  • HR administration
  • Compliance
  • Employee and manager support

With our team by your side, you’ll have confidence that your payroll and other core HCM functions are taken care of according to best practices and with an eye on improving processes.

Achieve your larger strategic goals

When you partner with ADP, you’ll have a consultative and strategic account manager aligned to your HCM objectives. This manager will meet with your business leaders quarterly to review priorities and develop plans to address:

  • Workforce health and safety
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Talent recruitment, engagement and retention
  • Workforce strategies
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Other business goals
Manage trigger events and maximize opportunities

ADP provides scalability and cost control measures that make it possible to proactively plan for both expected and unexpected changes. Common trigger events, business challenges and growth opportunities we can help with include:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Business continuity planning
  • Virtualization of business operations
  • Succession planning for critical roles
  • Strategic focus of HR core business
  • Rapid growth
  • Migrating legacy technology
  • Scaling with volatile business demands

Tap into the expertise of proven HCM specialists

No matter how your needs evolve, our people and full suite of HCM solutions are here to support you every step of the way. With ADP HCM Managed Services, you get:

  • An experienced, scalable partner to help your business grow the way you want
  • An assigned service team with clear responsibilities to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently
  • Specialists in HR, recruitment, talent management, payroll, benefits administration, and compliance
  • Consistent standard operating procedures across your organization
  • A customized plan to help meet your strategic workforce goals
  • Strategic advisory services providing tailored insights and expertise around change management, compliance, HR and talent

Keep daily tasks running without costly IT burdens

Your organization’s needs are unique, so you need a solution that’s capable of adapting. ADP’s world-class technology can do that and much more. Features include:

  • Seamless integrations with leading third-party solutions, including enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • A personalized mobile app that keeps employees’ information at their fingertips and has built-in ADP support
  • Insightful analytics and benchmarking that can support data-driven decisions throughout the employee lifecycle

How ADP HCM Managed Services works for others like you

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HCM managed services FAQs

What are HCM managed services?

HCM managed services is large business outsourcing for payroll and taxes, HR, talent management, workforce management and benefits administration, plus other areas of HCM. The provider functions as an extension of your existing HR department, managing day-to-day administrative duties and offering strategic guidance when needed.

What are the advantages of HCM managed services?

HCM managed service partners bring accountability and specialized knowledge that can help:

  • Make core HCM functions more efficient and cost-effective
  • Alleviate burdens on internal resources and save time
  • Address unexpected events and maximize new opportunities
  • Leverage talent offerings and analytics to stay competitive

What is the difference between HCM managed services and outsourcing?

HCM managed services is a type of outsourcing designed specifically for organizations with several hundred to tens of thousands of employees. Providers, like ADP, can easily accommodate the complex HCM needs unique to these types of businesses and react to changing, unpredictable circumstances by providing day-to-day administrative services, white-glove support at all levels and HCM expertise in a proactive partnership. Many are also capable of seamlessly integrating with ERP systems, allowing employers to maintain one global HR system of record.

What are examples of HCM managed services?

Managed service providers offer daily support and strategic planning across six key HCM functions:

  1. Payroll and tax administration
  2. Human resources
  3. Compliance
  4. Talent management
  5. Benefits administration
  6. Interface management

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