Talent & Employee Management

With the right people doing their best work, anything is possible.

Innovative solutions for attracting and retaining a new generation of workers.

Today’s changing workforce means companies must rethink how they define, find, attract and hire the best talent. ADP talent management solutions can help you address challenges like:

  • Managing five generations in the workforce
  • Changing expectations of flexibility, recognition and purposeful work from Millennial and Generation Z workers
  • Gig economy workers complicating org charts and labor cost visibility
  • Constantly fluctuating staffing needs for dynamically changing teams
  • The security, protection and privacy of your employee data

As a leader in human capital management, ADP works to define best practices through a complete end-to-end talent management system that helps solve challenges from recruitment to retirement.

Learn how large businesses win with ADP talent management.

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch: Staying ahead of specialized talent needs.

Casey's General Store

Casey’s General Store: Using data to drive employee and store performance.

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric: Fueling growth with an integrated talent strategy.

Data-driven for better talent management decisions.

Integrated HCM solutions from ADP give you a view of your talent pool across the entire enterprise helping you to:

  • Attract, recruit and onboard the right talent to meet your goals
  • Map dynamic teams and understand your total workforce cost
  • Identify, manage and match internal skill sets to fill gaps
  • Track freelance and gig workers
  • Deploy tools that keep your best people growing professionally
  • Measure performance and react to changing needs

Recruitment: Bring the best people through your door.

ADP's experience, data and tools can help revolutionize the way you find and hire talent.

Get their interest.

The best talent is drawn to positions and challenges that speak to their skills. ADP can help you build a targeted recruiting strategy to help you find and engage the perfect candidates.

Get them vetted.

ADP’s suite of tools makes candidate management easy with everything from benchmarking analytics to automated background screening and built-in compliance.

Get them going.

Get new hires oriented and up to speed with a fast, efficient onboarding process that helps expedite paperwork, engage recruits and keep you compliant.

Beyond the paycheck: Addressing the future of pay.

Ask any employee, and compensation is one of the most critical aspects of their career choices. But pay today is moving beyond the paycheck. ADP offers innovative new programs and technologies including:

  • Non-traditional payment methods such as pay cards and mobile payments
  • Financial wellness insights to help employees manage their money
  • Frequent and off-cycle payment options

Recognizing and rewarding your best people.

Plan for employee success

Everyone wants to succeed and get recognition for their hard work. Getting that right starts with a people-centric strategy for developing career pathways. The specialists at ADP can help you:

  • Chart performance goals for current and future roles
  • Plan for employee development through continuing education
  • Get ahead of succession with planning and preparation

Provide insights to help employees grow

ADP has tools to make it easier for you to measure performance, identify your best people, and reward them for their accomplishments.

  • Streamlined performance management
  • Automated reviews and evaluations
  • Weighted goals and development plans
  • Integration with compensation systems

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